Round 14 Feature Match:

Posted in Event Coverage on January 29, 2006

By Jörn Martin Hajek

These players have met twice this weekend, and Tiago won both times. This would definitely be the last time they played each other, as they needed to win the last to games to have a shot at top 8 - and obviously only one of them could do so. Tiago had the traditional Dimir-milling deck, while Olivier.... - well, he had some rare-cards in four different colors

Tiago needed to mulligan, and the only lands he had for quite a while were Islands, which he couldn't use for anything constructive. He did however have a handful of counters, so even though Olivier had a Bloodletter Quill, a Compulsive Research, and a transmutable Drift of Phantasms, his only offense consisted of a lonely Courier Hawk. But when Tiago was forced to counter Dimir Guildmage, Olivier used his remaining mana to cast the mighty Cerulean Sphinx. The round after that, the Spinx was enchanted by Followed Footsteps, and the two copies of Brainspoil that Tiago had looked a little silly. Olivier took his time, and only had five cards left in his library when he won, but as Tiago didn't have a Psychic Drain, he was never in real danger.

stinkweed imp

1-0 Oliver Ruel

Game 2 started slow, and the highlight in the first five turns was when Tiago attacked with Stinkweed Imp, and Olivier took one damage, although he had an active Benevolent Ancestor. After that, Olivier gathered more and more creatures, but couldn't really attack into Tiago's Tidewater Minion. Tiago didn't have as many creatures, but some of them had evasion, so he was able to get in some damage. Olivier got his hands on Glare of Subdual, but Tiago had the counter, and Olivier conceded, as time was running out


They got started on Game 3, but time was called in turn five, and no one had enough power on the table to win the game. So in extra-turn five, both players went silent and looked at each other, waiting to see whether the other would concede, as both needed the win. No one volunteered, and a judge was consulted whether it was allowed to play rock, paper, scissors at this point. Of course it wasn't, and after the judge insisted to get the result, they wrote in the draw on the result slip, thus eliminating each other from the race to the play-offs.


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