Round 14 Feature Match: Dave Williams vs. Bryan Hubble

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By Adrian Sullivan

Dave Williams and Bryan Hubble aren't both just Texans. They are also friends. Paired against each other in the final round of Swiss, they both agonize over the standings and the pairings trying to decide whether or not they can draw in. In the end Williams decided he had to play - a draw would assure Hubble a Top 8, but Williams could only hope for 9th at best.

Hubble starts the game inauspiciously with a mulligan. Williams next few turns punished Hubble's mulligan brutally. Williams casts a second and third turn Ravenous Rat, followed by Bog Down, sucking up a bit of pain from Hubble's Flametongue Kavu.

Unrelenting, Williams then used a Flametongue Kavu of his own to clear Hubble's side, and then used a Thunderscape Battlemage to clear his hand. Hubble lets out a half-hearted "yeah" when he draws a creature, but it is only a Thornscape Familiar. Adding insult to injury, Williams blows it out of the way with another Flametongue. A Ghitu Fire later, the game is over.

Hubble's next game wasn't any better for him.

Double-mulliganing, he dropped a Blurred Mongoose early, and then endured a Thunderscape Battlemage knocking two Thornscape Battlemages out of his hand. Hubble tried to keep his attack going, Ghitu Firing the Thunderscape out of the way, but Dave only Crypt Angeled it back to his hand.

Hubble continued the offensive, using Urza's Rage to get the Angel out of his way, but he was running out of steam quickly. When the Battlemage hit the table again, Hubble lost two more Thunderscape Battlemages, and a Blazing Specter stripped the last of Hubble's cards. Somewhat disgusted, Hubble conceded to his friend Dave.

"I'm really sorry it went down that way," consoled Dave. "I wish you could have been anybody else."

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