Round 14 Feature Match: Jan Doise vs. Øyvind Ødegaard

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By Mark Wraith

Both of these players were little known going into this event, but they were in the position that the winner of this match would make it through to the top eight, while the loser would be out, but with at least a top 32 pay check to console them.

Game 1

Øyvind had won the die roll, but decided to let Jan play first, and both players were contented with their opening draws. Unusually, Jan's first two land drops were both Tinder Farms, meaning that he couldn't play anything till his third turn.

He then started dropping threats, a Verduran Emissary and a Kavu Scout. Øyvind meanwhile was stuck at three land, a Forest and two Islands and his Stormscape Apprentice could not even use its ability to tap a creature. He was forced to discard on his fifth turn, and Jan summoned a Voracious Cobra, attacking twice to bring Ødegaard down to four, who had to chump and could still not draw a land - scooping on his seventh turn. Øyvind never drew a Plains which would have allowed him to play most of the spells in his hand.

Game 2

Øyvind, despite his poor mana draw in the first game, chose to start in the second game. This time he had a Plains, summoning a second turn Sunscape Familiar, and Jan played a turn two Horned Kavu, returning his Thornscape Apprentice. This was Hobbled, however, so Doise merely recast his Apprentice and a Quirion Sentinel.

Øyvind played a Prison Barricade with kicker - large enough to block all of Jan's threats, but as Jan continued to play creatures, a Nomadic Elf, and a Slingshot Goblin, Ødegaard could draw only land. Doise tapped the Barricade, Stunned the Familiar, and attacked with all his creatures.

The Norwegian removed Slingshot Goblin with a Treva's Charm, allowing him to cast the Stormscape Apprentice in his hand, and Shackles the Thornscape Apprentice, but the Belgian's next turn was impressive.

He attacked with all his creatures, and when the 0/3 Wall blocked his Nomadic Elf, he cast Simoon which killed the Familiar and the Stormscape Apprentice. He also cast a Hooded Kavu, bringing back the Kavu enchanted by Hobble.

He continued in a like manner next turn, forcing Øyvind to return the Shackles when Jan replayed his Hooded Kavu. Even though Ødegaard managed to play a Faerie Squadron with kicker, it wasn't nearly big enough, and he took another hit from Dose's creatures, going down to six.

The Norwegian did manage to stave off the inevitable for one turn with a Tangle, but as Doise made three 1/1s with a Rith's Charm, and summoned a Serpentine Kavu, there was nothing he could do, despite casting a Benalish Emissary and a Benalish Trapper, and conceded the match when Jan sent all his creatures over for a visit, and showed him a Tribal Flames.

Final Result: Jan Doise defeats Øyvind Ødegaard 2 - 0.

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