Round 14 Feature Match: Joost Vollebregt vs. Niklaus Hugi

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By Friedrich Rademacher

Game 1

After some confusions about whose deck belonged to whom (due to similar sleeves) the game was on its way. Joost needed a win to make Top 8, whereas for Niklaus it was not sure yet whether a win would be enough to make him one of the final eight players in this Grand Prix.

Niklaus had to mulligan twice before getting any mana in his opening hand. Joost did not need any mulligan and started the game. The Dutchman went into an offensive position by casting Viashino Grappler and Razerfoot Griffin. Niklaus on the other hand did nothing although he had 4 mana having only gating creatures or other uncastable spells. Joost cast everything he could even after having considered the possibility of his opponent having Rout. Shortly after Niklaus concedes.

Game 2

This time Niklaus seemed to have a better opening hand as he cast a Crimson Acolyte on his second turn. Joost only had red creatures in his hand and was a little bit upset with the Acolyte. Joost held an Armadillo Cloak in hand but chose not to play it right away for some reason. Instead he cast Serpentine Kavu, gave it haste and attacked. Niklaus made use of the ability of Samite Pilgrim in order to avoid being hit.

The Dutchman cast a Charging Troll, attacked with Sapphire Leech and called turn. Finally Joost decides to enchant his Kavu with an Armadillo Cloak. Niklaus looked desperately on to his side of the table thinking of what he could possibly do against a spirit linked 6/6. He opted not to tap it, in order to save mana to use the ability of the Acolyte, suspecting some red removal on his opponent's side. In deed Joost had a Magma Burst in hand but couldn't play it without going into disadvantage.

During next turn Niklaus played Hobble on the Kavu making it a "very good blocker" as the Dutchman called it. Since Niklaus had two creatures with evasion, namely flying, he kept nibbling at Joost's life totals.

After some time Joost looked at the clock and realized that if he wanted to win it would have to be in a third game and conceded.

Game 3

No mulligans for game three as both players started casting creatures right away. Joost was still a little bit more aggressive. The difference between both player's decks is that Niklaus had more control-based creatures. So the Dutchman attacks, as he knows he has to win this round. After Niklaus had used Alpha Kavu's ability, he was surprised by a Magma Burst with kicker killing all his creatures. At that point Niklaus had two creatures in play had 20 life and had brought his opponent down to 10. After casting his second Magma Burst on the Charging Troll his opponent had played, which was regenerated, he had no blockers for the two attacking creatures. This was enough to bring Niklaus down in reach of Tribal Flames.

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