Round 14 Feature Match: Ryan Fuller vs. Phillip Freneau

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By Warren Marsh

Ryan at the start of this match was on 13 wins and 0 losses. He wants this win for a perfect Swiss record. Phillip is also doing well, as he's Top 8 regardless of the result. Both are members of team and both playing very similar r/g decks, with only a few minor differences.

Game one was a one sided affair, with Ryan setting the Goose (Blurred Mongoose) loose on turn 2 while Phillip looks for his third land toying with his 2 Mountains in play. Ryan makes a turn 4 Thornscape Familiar and Phil retaliates with a Skizzik. A kicked Kavu Titan added to Ryan's army as Phil looks to sweep.

Ryan 1 Phillip 0

Game 2 was about creature exchanges, and eventual card advantage from 187 effects. It wasn't until turn 7 that a leader became clear, with Ryan sitting among his kicked Titan and racing Raging Kavu. Phillip looked to his library for an answer and played Ghitu Fire eliminating the Titan. Next Phil drew into a Jade Leech and a Thornscape Battlemage. So the tables were turned, and Ryan was left nursing only his bruises a Mongoose and an Urza's Rage, with Phillip just out of range.

It wasn't long before Ryan was forced to block and burn the Leach as he drew into land. But Phillip's drawn land (Keldon Necropolis) made a deeper impact into Ryan's life total, and then swept.

Ryan and Phillip then discussed the impact of Ryan's sideboard error, removing a Ghitu fire instead of the Urzsa's Rage that would have put the score to 2-0 there and then.

Ryan 1 Phillip 1

Ryan started this round with a double mulligan ending with a Blurred Mongoose and 4 lands. Phillip sticks one higher, opting to keep a 1 land hand going second.

The Mongoose gets an early trade with a Titan, and Phil continues to make 2 power creatures. While Ryan waits to kicker a Kavu Titan, Phil's land flow stopped at 3 and his monsters have to stare at this giant. Ryan then attacked; there was no block, so Phil dropped to 15. Then came the second kickered Titan. Phil senses he must attack and try to 187 the Titan, but Ryan doesn't fall for the play, instead taking 4. Thornscape Battlemage visits the table anyway. Doing a curtsey 2 points to the dome.

After some thought, Ryan's made his next attack, with the 2 Kavu Titans and a Skizzik. This dropped Phillip to 2 making the Thornscape Battlemage in his hand a finishing "Bee sting" and making Ryan Fuller undefeated through 14 rounds of Swiss. The first in Pro Tour history.

Final Result: Ryan Fuller 2 Phillip Freneau 1

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