Round 14: Olivier Ruel vs. Christophe Haim

Posted in Event Coverage on June 29, 2002

By Rui Oliveira

On this last round we have four tables of player who worked long and hard for two days to make it. For them this round is the all or nothing. Winner goes to the Top 8, loser goes to the side events tomorrow.

Two of those tables are not very happy about the pairings: French against French and Dutch against Dutch. All of them would rather not have to eliminate a friend from the Top 8 but those are the pairings fate dictated.

Game 1

Circular Logic
They loudly shook hands and went to it. Haim started things with Wild Mongrel and Olivier immediately matched him and later added Aquamoeba.

A Violent Eruption ate up Ruel's Hound. The Aquamoeba blocked the Mongrel and when Christophe tried to play a chepar Arrogant Wurm Olivier had the Logic for it. Still, he lost his Aquamoeba.

The Mongrel was now all alone. Ruel tried to take it out with Flametongue Kavu but Haim also had Circular Logic. Olivier tried again and this time he succeeded, but meanwhile he had found a newer, bigger, problem. He was facing a Roar token.

Soon there was another one. Things were getting very lopsided all of the sudden. Two turns later Christophe Haim had won the first game.

Christophe 1-0 Olivier

While they sideboarded the world famous Kung-Fu fighting Rat sang his usual song.

Olivier Ruel:
In: Three Gainsay, three Roar of the Wurm and three Unnatural Selection.

Christophe Haim:
In: Two Rushing River, Violent Eruption, Roar of the Wurm.
Out: Yavimaya Coast, Fire/Ice, Aquamoeba and Deep Analysis.

Game 2

Olivier certainly came out ahead on this one when he played a second turn Unnatural Selection. Still he couldn't find a way to get rid of third turn Looter across the table.

His next draws didn't help at all and with no creatures coming Olivier Ruel soon found himself facing a army. He waited a couple of more turns but as Christophe steadily brought his life down Olivier Ruel picked up his cards and conceded.

Final Result: Christophe 2-0 Olivier

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