Round 14 Results (by Table)

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By Wizards of the Coast

TablePlayerResult Opponent
1Vienneau, Matthew0-2-0vs.Hahn, Kurtis*
2McKeown, Sean1-2-0vs.Schneider, Justin
3Kuykendall, Dave2-0-0vs.Farkas, Ben
4McCord, Scott0-2-0vs.Halter, James
5Foster, Steve*0-2-0vs.Kambourakis, Joseph
6Ranks, Andrew2-0-0vs.Swan, Brad
7Magid, Jeff0-2-0vs.Guevin, Thomas
8O'Mahoney-Schwartz, Steven1-1-0vs.Johnson, Andrew
9Swan, Tom1-2-0vs.Johns, Scott
10Mowshowitz, Zvi0-0-3vs.Parker, Brock
11Hegstad, Brian0-0-3vs.Comer, Alan
12Clegg, Dan1-2-0vs.Eastman, Dave*
13Davis, James0-2-0vs.Cowley, Bruce
14Weitz, David2-0-0vs.Cormier, Francis
15Fog, Sam1-2-0vs.Willemstein, Paul*
16Rose, Kyle2-1-0vs.Stokinger, Andrew
17Benafel, Chris2-0-0vs.Maher, Bob
18Little, Nick1-2-0vs.Kastle, Darwin
19Clougherty, John*1-2-0vs.Turian, Michael
20Szigeti, Peter0-2-0vs.Manning, Chris
21Qian, Patrick*0-1-0vs.Opalka, Jason
22Divinski, Randy0-2-0vs.DiLorenzo, Anthony*
23Hope, Stephen2-1-0vs.Humpherys, David
24Sonne, Jonathan0-2-0vs.Clarke, Nate
25Forsythe, Aaron1-2-0vs.Bongiovanni, Mauro
Breider, Aaron * BYE *
Currence, Bryce * BYE *
Swoyer, Mark * BYE *

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