Round 14: Stan van der Velden vs. Rüdiger Klings

Posted in Event Coverage on March 24, 2002

By Friedrich Rademacher

Both players exchanged some friendly words, with Stan expressing how he would probably lose before an apparently strong deck in Rüdiger's hands.

Game 1

Stan started with a turn two Mongrel, which served immediately after winning an Ember Beast at its side the next turn.

Acorn's Harvest delivered two Squirrels to join the beatings.

Klings was mana screwed and was unable to play out his hand. Yet, a turn later a Graceful Antelope found his way down but it was too late. Stan attacked with his stompy-like army and cast Rites of Initiation to finish the German off.

Van der Velden 1 – 0 Klings

Game 2

Still having problems with his deck, Rüdiger mulliganed down once in order to have an answer for his opponent's fast attack wave.

It seemed to be the other way around, when Klings summoned a Crypt Keeper but it was not long after, when Stan cast a Wild Mongrel once again. Not only was the Mongrel familiar but also the Ember Beast that joined it like in the first game.

Understandably angry about his deck, the German tried to play a Fatigue on the Mongrel but it was pumped up rendering it useless When the Dutchmen attacked, the Mongrel was blocked by the Keeper and died probably due to "lack of sleep", as he put it.

In signs of recovery, Mortivore made it's way to the table on Rüdiger's side to try to stop both the Ember Beast and the Mad Dog on the opposing side.

Stan used a Fiery Temper on the Mortivore to have it regenerate so that his creatures could pass and leave Klings with seven life.

The Mortivore kept growing bigger and bigger now only looking at two Ember Beasts but with a hallowed Healer and a Lieutenant Kirtar at his side.

The board changed, and it changed in favor of the German who now had full confidence, but remained with his good humor as he did the whole round.

Flash of Defiance disabled Rüdiger to block with his Lieutenant but didn't hinder him from blocking one Beast and make his Mortivore bigger. So he went into the offensive and made way for seven damage.

Rüdiger was at three life, so Stan used a Flame Burst on his Healer and when the German activated it to save itself, he cast Sonic Seizure thereby grasping a Top8 seat and a qualification for Pro Tour Nice.

Final Result: Van der Velden 2 – 0 Klings

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