Round 14: Tiago Chan vs. Kai Budde

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By Rui Oliveira

Kai BuddeIf you had to pick a player you would not like to meet in the round that decided if you make the Top 8 or not who would you pick? Kai Budde? Well, if so you can certainly relate to Tiago Chan. He has the daunting task of needing to defeat the Magic Borg himself to have a shot at the Top 8. Not the kind of task you want to face after thirteen rounds of Magic.

Game 1

Two Wastelands ate up Chan's first two lands and that stop him from even blinking. He was locked at one land and forced to discard while built up his mana. The Portuguese finally found land out of a Brainstorm, a Flood Plains.

Kai punch a Oath Of Druids through with Force of Will and the game looked very well under the firm grasp of the German. Chan Gushed for answers and played a Winter Orb.

We lapsed into a "Draw-Go" that clearly favored the German as Tiago tried to dig up a way to work around the Oath. He finally decided to play a Werebear and Kai Oathed up the Morphling before playing a Powder Keg.

Since the German had only one untapped land Chan used two Swords to send Superman to the farm. The second time around the Oath gave Budde a Spike Feeder, since he was holding his Spike Weaver which he discarded at the end of the turn.

The German apathy in the last turns gave Chan the "courage" (also known as "gut feeling that he doesn't have a Force of Will") to drop a Mystic Enforcer. The German let if through and used the Oath to shuffle his graveyard into the deck before finally drawing his fourth land.

Chan dropped a very fishy Quirion Dryad on the next turn (another hit for the Keg) and Kai blew the artifact freeing his lands from the Orb and killing two creatures. The Oath brought up the Spike Weaver and Sword got rid on the Enforcer.

Another Enforcer tried to enter play and the Portuguese was forced to Gush looking for an answer to the Counterspell. The only he found was painful but he took it: bouncing all his lands to double Daze the Counterspell.

The plan worked and the Enforcer made into play. Shaking his head the German passed the turn back and fogged the incoming Enforcer before countering two Winter Orbs.

An Impulse later he had what he needed to survive the turn where the Oath wouldn't bring back any creatures (since he had his only other remaining creature - Feeder - on his graveyard): a second Oath and a Powder Keg.

The first Oath shuffled up everything and the second spawned the Feeder. A turn later Kai played a Fact or Fiction. After looking over his shoulder at the remaining time Tiago Chan conceded.

Kai 1-0 Tiago

Game 2

They both kept their first hands and Kai again tried to lock Chan's mana with an early Wasteland but the early Sleights and Brainstorms saved the Portuguese from that problem.

What he really needed was a creature to play some really pressure. He tried to get one in the shape of a MegaBear but Kai had the counter for it. The German, on the other hand had a different mission: get the green mana to cast the Oath before things got out of hand.

The next creature made into play and was a lot scarier: a threshold Mystic Enforcer. Although Kai couldn't play his Oath he had a Swords and the Pyroblast to back it up. Tiago had two Forces to stop the first Sword but the German had another Swords in hand.

The Enforcer went farming and the best Chan could do was drop a Winter Orb and a Seal of Cleansing. He then got on a mission to find a creature to play. Two Gushes and a Sleight of Hand later he finally found another Enforcer.

"Draw-Go" became the staple sentence since the Orb forced both to use their mana with great care. When Chan got to four mana he went for the Enforcer but Kai's card drawing spells had given him another Counterspell. Time was running out for the Portuguese. He had less than nine minutes to turn the match around against the acclaimed, and certified, best player on the planet.

Tiago Chan A Land Grant gave Kai a chance to be surprised by three Swords to Plowshares, Winter Orb, Mystic Enforcer, Force of Will and Daze. Tiago tried to play the Enforcer and backed it up with the Force of Will. Kai let it through after the Force only to send it farming right after.

He played an Oath, which got Sealed, before allowing a Werebear to resolve. On the next turn he dropped the full elbow with two extra Oaths. The Portuguese could do little else than stare at them. Up came a Spike Feeder.

The Feeder took one for the team before Chan dropped the second MegaBear. The Oath cough up the Weaver and a Morphling. On his haste to speed up the game, even though he would benefit from slow play, Kai turned over an extra card but the judge ruled they should go on with only a warning.

They got into a big fight over a Phyrexian Furnace which Kai didn't allow into the table. At the end of the turn Tiago Chan tried to Sword the Weaver and Kai Budde moved two counters to the Morphling before doing some Swording of himself on the Wild Mongrel.

Time was called and the speed of the game finally slowed down. They took their own sweet time to consider every move with some much on the line. Budde used his two Oaths to gain even more life and Chan played a Mystic Enforcer.

The game was all but over with the German having two Oaths, a Morphling and a Spike Weaver. It ended in a draw, obviously.

Final Result: Kai 1-0-1 Tiago

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