Round 14: Victor van den Broeck vs Jeroen Remie

Posted in Event Coverage on June 29, 2002

By Friedrich Rademacher

The round before the final 8 get to battle over the title of European Champion. This round these both players, who are friends and have the same deck, are playing each other much to their dislike. Two Frenchmen just beside us are playing another defining game. The Frenchmen would surely have liked to play the Dutch rather than a countryman.

Game 1

Meteor Storm
Victor cast a Meteor Storm during his second turn, while Jeroen had a Wild Mongrel out. When van den Broeck tried to target the mongrel with Fiery Temper, his opponent discarded two cards to protect it. But the mongrel would die next turn with the little help of a Flametongue Kavu.

Remie had a Firebolt to make way for his two freshly cast Yavimaya Barbarian but both got swiped by Violent Eruption and Flametongue Kavu. Jeroen continued to attack with his sole Barbarian while his opponent was constantly taking 4 life with Meteor Storm. When the next Flametongue hit the table Remie conceded.

Van den Broeck 1 – 0 Remie

Game 2

Victor starts aggressively with a Basking Rootwalla but sees it getting targeted with Engulfing Flames. Jeroen cast a Wild Mongrel followed by another Rootwalla.
During his fourth, Victor already had a Fires of Yavimaya out but failed to draw his fourth land to play the threats he had in his hand ( Flametongue Kavu and Violent Eruption). Instead he got a Mongrel and a Fiery Temper to kill the other mongrel on the other side. Ironically he had his side wiped clean when he tried to rescue his hound. Luckily for him he drew another one but it didn't last long as well.

Keldon Necropolis
Only then did Victor draw his fourth land but only had a Flametongue Kavu that died shortly after.

For some turns the game appeared to be a mirror match between two draw-go's but the hostilities just came right back with Call of the Herd and multiple Kavus.

Victor had the upper hand when he controlled the only creature in play but it only lasted for a turn.

Once again both players played draw-go and Keldon Necropolis joined Victor's side.

But in a flashing turn of events van den Broek drew a Wild Mongrel and was able to attack with it for the win.

Remie held only land and a Shivan Wurm he could not play due to the lack of any creature to return. In the end Jeroen shook his friends hand and wished him good luck for the Top 8.

Final Result: van den Broeck 2 – 0 Remie

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