Round 16: Antoine Ruel vs. Tom Van de Logt

Posted in Event Coverage on August 15, 2002

By Toby Wachter

These two met in the Semifinals of Worlds last year, where Van de Logt barely pulled out the win with Urza's Rage, surprising the crowd and the commentators. Of course, Van de Logt went on to smash Alex Borteh's Fish deck with his black/red machine, taking the World Championship. Van de Logt has already been to Sunday at Worlds twice, and once today is over he may find himself there yet again.

Game 1

Van de Logt had an unfortunate double mulligan start. He missed his second land drop for a few turns, while Ruel did his thing with Aquameoba and Careful Study, discarding Wonder and Deep Analysis. Wild Mongrel added some pressure, and was joined by another. Van de Logt still only had one land, and conceded.

Ruel- 1 Van de Logt- 0

Game 2

This game was much better for Van de Logt, as he actually played two lands in a row, and even played a Nantuko Shade. Ruel's Quiet Speculation got two Roar of the Wurm and Deep Analysis. The Shade attacked for three, and was joined by another, while Ruel flashed back Deep Analysis and cast Basking Rootwalla. Van de Logt went into race mode, swinging with both his Shades and dealing eight damage to bring Ruel to six. At this point, however, Ruel got to four lands and was able to flash back Roar of the Wurm. One Shade attacked, and was double blocked by the Wurm and the Rootwalla. Thanks to Cabal Coffers, the Shade became massive and took down both creatures, but also headed to the graveyard in the exchange. Careful Study gave Ruel a madness Arrogant Wurm and put another Roar in the graveyard, but Van de Logt had Chainer's Edict to clear the way for the Shade and the win.

Ruel- 1 Van de Logt- 1

Game 3

Van de Logt swung and missed with a Tainted Pact that hit two swamps in a row. Ruel played his first spell of the game on turn four when he summoned Aquamoeba, and Van de Logt cast Chainer's Edict. Aether Burst was played in response, saving the 1/3 madness outlet. Ruel replayed it, and then cast Standstill. Van de Logt broke it with Mutilate, and Ruel discarded Roar and Deep Analysis before it resolved and killed the Aquamoeba. Roar was flashed back, Van de Logt put up a huge Wurm barrier in the form of Grotesque Hybrid, so Ruel flashed back Deep Analysis and played Wild Mongrel. Another Edict was Enveloped, and Nantuko Shade was countered with Circular Logic.

Ruel untapped and cast Careful Study, putting two lands in his graveyard. The Mongrel attacked, and Standstill was placed on the lopsided board. Van de Logt was forced to break it with Diabolic Tutor, and Ruel countered it with Envelop. Aether Burst bounced the Hybrid, and Ruel attacked for eight damage. Van de Logt's back was up against the wall and he cast Mutilate. This was great, because he still had two Edicts in the graveyard waiting to be flashed back. Ruel used Centaur Garden to save his Wurm, and Van de Logt replayed the Hybrid, leaving him with no cards in hand. The Wurm attacked again and was not blocked, bringing the World Champion down to four life points. Ruel followed up with Arrogant Wurm

Van de Logt now untapped and killed both of Ruel's creatures with flashed back Edicts, ant attacked for three. Careful Study put a Roar in the graveyard, and it came right out. Van de Logt then cast Haunting Echoes on Ruel's massive graveyard, leaving Ruel with very few action spells in his library. The Wurm attacked and traded with the Hybrid, and Ruel cast Quiet Speculation, which simply allowed him to look through his deck, as he had no flashback cards left. On the next turn he played Basking Rootwalla, and Van de Logt had Innocent Blood. Circular Logic didn't do much since Van de Logt had all the mana in the world and Ruel didn't have much of a graveyard. Mind Sludge a few turns later Mind Twisted Ruel for his whole hand, which contained lands and two Circular Logic. Ruel played Basking Rootwalla, and Van de Logt revealed a hand containing a ton of powerful spells. Ruel scooped.

Final Result: Ruel- 1 Van de Logt- 2

Worlds 2002 (OBC): U/G Madness

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Worlds 2002 (OBC): Mono Black Control

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