Round 2: Antoine Ruel vs. Olivier Ruel

Posted in Event Coverage on May 2, 2002

By Toby Wachter

This match is funny for a few reasons. Obviously, two brothers playing each other in the Masters is interesting enough, but the amusing thing is that the Ruel brothers barely made it to the tournament today. Even though they live in France, they barely made to the tournament site in time to play. They missed their train, and had to take a 200 euro cab, train, and bus. It was well worth the effort, as each brother has already made $4,000, and the winner will go on to make more.

Game 1

Olivier Brainstormed twice, could not find a second land, and conceded.

A. Ruel- 1 O. Ruel- 0

Game 2

After a Wasteland and a Duress disrupted him, Olivier played Meddling Mage, naming Swords to Plowshares. Antoine cast Call of the Herd, while Olivier had a Quirion Dryad. The Call was flashbacked, and Olivier played Seal of Cleansing. Armageddon was stripped from Olivier's hand with Duress, and Antoine summoned Shadowmage Infiltrator. Brainstorm made the Dryad a 3/3, and Werebear joined Olivier's team. This was followed by Gush. Antoine's Diabolic Edict resulted in a counterwar, with Misdirection and Interdict involved. The Edcit ended up targeting Olivier, who sacrificed the Werebear.

Olivier's Dryad kept getting bigger, but was kept on defense due to Olivier's low life total, and the pair of elephants across the board. Once it got to 8/8 it headed for the Red Zone, bringing Antoine to six. The elephants swung back as Finkel stayed back to take one for the team, and Olivier conceded soon after, facing a lethal attack next turn.

Final Result: A. Ruel- 2 O. Ruel- 0

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