Round 2 Feature Match – Guimaraes/Weiss/Fraga vs. Pozzo/Luna/de Nicola

Posted in Event Coverage on May 31, 2014

The Players

It's your classic Pros-vs-Joes matchup here. Both teams are off to a 1-0 start, but Guimaraes, Weiss and Fraga are the big underdogs here. They're up against an Argentine powerhouse. You last saw Javier Luna in the Top 8 of the Sunday Super Series held at the Wizards of the Coast HQ. Sebastian Pozzo notched a GP Top 8 on home soil at GP Buenos Aires 2008. Nicolas de Nicola earned his GP Top 4 just last year at GP Santiago.

The deck breakdown is as follows:

A) Pozzo, White-Blue aggro
B) Luna, Black-Red midrange
C) de Nicola, Green-Blue tempo

A) Guimaraes, White-Red aggro
B) Weiss, Green-Red midrange
C) Fraga, Blue-Black control

Left side, bottom to top: Guimaraes, Weiss, Fraga
Right side, bottom to top: Pozzo, Luna, de Nicola

The Matches

B Seat - Weiss vs. Luna

While their teammates were still shuffling up these two were already in the thick of things. Unfortunately for Luna, he was stuck on three mountains with no play, and could only watch as Weiss rolled over him with Leafcrown Dryad, Flame-Wreathed Phoenix and Pharagax Giant.

Luna quickly returned the favor with a beatdown start of Pharika's Chosen, Minotaur Skullcleaver and Mogis, God of Slaughter. Weiss was forced to hide behind a Setessan Oathsworn with Fearsome Temper on it. Mogis continued to work on his lifetotal and was soon manifest thanks to Luna's wealth of permanents. The game ended in his favor shortly thereafter.

The deciding game was slow to develop, and that played directly into Luna's draw. He got ahead on cards thanks to Read the Bones and Disciple of Phenax, and was able to match each of Weiss's threats with removal. Soon Weiss was out of cards and Luna was summoning Spawn of Thraxes.

Pozzo/Luna/de Nicola 1 - Guimaraes/Weiss/Fraga 0

A Seat - Pozzo vs. Guimaraes

Pozzo won the die roll and hit the ground running. His curve of Loyal Pegasus into Vanguard of Brimaz into Leonin Snarecaster had Guimaraes on the back foot early. Guimares managed to trade away the ground creatures, but Pozzo found Cavalry Pegasus to keep up pressure in the air. He added Ordeal of Heliod to speed up the clock and Guimaraes was unable to stop them in time.

Guimaraes flipped the script in game two. He led out with Oreskos Swifclaw and Elite Skirmisher, getting through some damage and forcing trades from Pozzo. He replaced them with the mighty Fabled Hero and an Akroan Skyguard, but was stuck on just three plains. Pozzo found Akroan Mastiff to answer the Hero, then put Eidolon of Countless Battles on his Stonewise Fortifier and started attacking. Guimares found his fourth land and summoned Dawnbringer Charioteers, and on his next turn entered into a conference with his teammate Weiss, who had just finished his match, over what his plan should be.


C Seat - Kevin Fraga vs Nicolas de Nicola

Their first game had been a drawn-out affair. Despite a turn-two Golden Hind, de Nicola hadn't been able to get a jump on Fraga, who slowed him down with Brain Maggot and Pin to the Earth. Still, de Nicola had Sigiled Starfish, so as the game drew out he had the advantage. The turning point came when he summoned Nessian Wilds Ravager, which hit play as a 12/12. Fraga had been banking on his Pharika's Chosen and a handful of tricks to keep the giant monster at bay. A Sudden Storm from de Nicola caught him tapped out, and he took a big hit down to eight. From there, de Nicola was able to keep enough pressure on Fraga that he was forced to spend Hubris for little gain, and then finish him off with a pump spell two turns later.

In the second game, Fraga took some damage from Boon Satyr wearing Leafcrown Dryad. He bought himself some time with Sudden Storm, then drew into the Pin to the Earth he needed. Shortly thereafter he was swinging overhead with a flier, but that only played into de Nicola's plans. Hour of Need traded the worthless Satyr for a 4/4 flier that blocked without incident. Fraga couldn't find a bounce spell and was soon dead to the flying beatdown.

Pozzo/Luna/de Nicola 2 - Guimaraes/Weiss/Fraga

Now that their match result was moot, Pozzo and Guimaraes shook hands and wished each other good luck in the coming rounds.

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