Round 2 Feature Match: Derek McClasky vs. J Vanderwielen

Posted in Event Coverage on July 12, 2003

By Josh Bennett

This round, as usually happens in the bye-rounds, featured two lesser known members of the magic community. They knew they had a hard road ahead of them, and they approached the match deadly serious. Not even the uproarious duo of Osyp Lebedowicz and Antonino DeRosa could bring levity to the table. McClasky double-mulliganed in silence. McClasky is with mono-black control, and Vanderwielen is with black-white control.

McClasky started things off with a Withered Wretch. Vanderwielen plainscycled an Eternal Dragon that was quickly eaten by the Wretch. The Wretch fell to Wing Shards soon after. McClasky dug out a swamp with Twisted Abomination, and Vanderwielen showed another dragon to keep his land count high. Jareth hit the table, and it looked like he was in the driver’s seat. McClasky made an Abomination, and they just stared at each other.

Vanderwielen broke the silence with an end-of-turn cycled Decree of Justice, but he greedily tapped out to make maximum soldiers. McClasky punished him with Cruel Revival, even getting another Abomination. McClasky swung in to take out a token and made a second Abomination, leaving just one open. Vanderwielen naturally had the Vengeance, and swung for extra damage first.

McClasky didn’t mind, he had yet another Abomination. This time he had two mana open. Vanderwielen was again forced to get some chump blockers from his Decree of Justice. Another Wretch deprived him of his Dragon. He played an Exalted Angel face-up. McClasky tried to slog through the soldiers, but Vanderwielen continued to hit in the air and played a morph. McClasky cycled Unburden and hit for ten. On Vanderwielen’s next turn, the morph stayed back, and McClasky Smothered it. It was Bane of the Living, and Vanderwielen had only a single Barren Moor for black mana!

Vanderwielen kept working his Angel. He chopped down McClasky’s forces with Wing Shards, but he had Visara to take the stage. Vanderwielen was forced to Vengeance back down to just the Abomination. McClasky added Rotlung Reanimator. Vanderwielen made no play. Again, he ambushed the incoming creatures with Decree of Justice, killing the Rotlung Reanimator and still having three men left over. McClasky set him back with Infest, and added a morph to the table. Vanderwielen hoped that a morph and Angel would be enough, but McClasky’s morph was Skinthinner, and he had a Smother in hand. His Abomination and token walked over to victory.

McClasky 1 – Vanderwielen 0

McClasky dropped a very threatening Cabal Interrogator to start off the second game, but Vanderwielen calmly untapped and dropped a Smother before it could do any damage. McClasky followed up with Rotlung Reanimator. Vanderwielen made a morph. They traded hits, but Vanderwielen didn’t show an Angel. McClasky made another Interrogator, but Vanderwielen had nothing to fear. Bane of the Living mowed down the board.

He hit for four and made a second morph. McClasky came back with an Abomination. He traded it for the incoming Bane, but Vanderwielen had still more pain coming. Visara the Dreadful hit his side of the table. McClasky’s only rejoinder was another Rotlung. Visara dropped him to nine. Vanderwielen tried again, but Cruel Revival shut him down, bringing back an Abomination. He shrugged, and played another Visara. The crowd reacted accordingly.

McClasky had no answers. He took another hit and swampcycled a pair of Abominations. His next draw step was no help, and they were on to game three.

McClasky 1 – Vanderwielen 1

Vanderwielen had to send back his first hand, and shook his head at his next six.

“I have to try.” – J Vanderwielen

He started with Barren Moor and Plains, Smothering a Rotlung Reanimator. He found a third land to match McClasky’s morph, but McClasky played his fifth land and showed Skinthinner to stop the hidden Bane in its tracks. Vanderwielen’s fourth land came into play tapped and he made a morph. McClasky blackmailed away Visara, leaving behind Jareth and Akroma since Vanderwielen was short on white mana. Smother cleared the way for another attack.

Vanderwielen flailed while McClasky summoned big monsters. It didn’t take long for him to win the match.

Derek McClasky defeats J Vanderwielen 2-1

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