Round 2 Feature Match: Felix Dykhne (Kings Games) vs. Alex Batista (TJ Collectibles)

Posted in Event Coverage on July 18, 2003

By Eugene Zolotuskiy

Game 1

Dykhne was playing MBC, meanwhile Batista was playing a Green Red deck.

“I’ll run it,” said the 12 year old who’s the youngest player in the tournament. He hails from the local store, playing against Dykhne who qualified with a win in one of the qualifiers at Kings Games.

Batista played a Phantom Centaur on turn 3, and next turn bringing Dykhne to 12 rather quickly by swinging with it and the elf. The he repeated the process next turn, bringing Dykhne to 6 life points. Dykhne managed to Mutilate the board stabilizing for the while, Batista played Basking Rootwalla and Grim Lavamancer on his turn, Dykhne was desperate for life and was forced to Corrupt the Rootwalla going back up to 13 life.

Dykhne drew a Tutor, tapped a Cabal Coffers and tutored for a Corrupt, corrupting Batista, getting him down to 6 life. At Dykhne’s end step Batista cast a Violent Eruption targeting Dykhne to get him to 6 life. On his turn Batista played an Elephant Guide on a Llanowar Elf to finish Dykhne off.

Batista 1- Dykhne 0

Batista brought in 3 Composts and 2 Gigapedes taking out 4 Llanowar Elves and a Firebolt.

Dykhne took out 2 Mind Sludge, 2 Skeletal Scryings, and a Haunting Echoes. He brings in 2 Ensnaring Bridges and 3 Engineering Plagues, to help stop the Basking Rootwalas/ Grim Lavamancers.

Game 2

Dykhne started off with a Duress, alas no luck, Wild Mongrel, Grim Lavamancer, and a Basking Rootwalla. Dykhne got 3 swamps in play and played an Engineered Plague, naming Wizards killing the Lavamancer.

Batista quickly delivered the beats, and Dykhne was suddenly at 8 life points. Dykhne has little choice but to Mutilate the board away, clinging to a feeble 8 as he passed the turn. Dykhne played an Ensnaring Bridge and on Batista’s turn Smothered the Basking Rootwalla, stopping the Elephant Token in its tracks since that dropped him to two cards in hand.

Batista passed the turn reluctant to cast anything, since it would do no good because of the bridge. On his turn Dykhne cast Visara. Dykhne started the cycling process involving the Undead Gladiator, obviously looking for Corrupts. Dykhne played the Gladiator and used his last Tutor for Corrupt, after which Batista conceded.

Batista 1- Dykhne 1

Game 3

After seeing the Bridge, Batista decided to bring in Naturalizes to deal with it.

Dykhne decided its time to Mutilate away the Wild Mongrel and the Elephant Token that Batista spent the previous turns amassing. Dykhne played Visara, meanwhile Batista was sitting with Wild Mongrel and an Elephant Token. Dykhne lost his Visara to a flashbacked Firebolt and a Volcanic Hammer. Dykhne Corrupted to go back to 12 life, to which Batista said “Aww,” holding a Violent Eruption in his hand. Batista dropped a Phantom Centaur that died rather quickly to a flashbacked Chainer’s Edict. Engineered Plague killed the Grim Lavamancer, “HOW LUCKY” shouted Batista, and scoops it up after Dykhne ends the match with a Corrupt.

After the match, Batista voices his displeasure “He’s a luck sack” said Batista obviously upset about the match up. “What is that CRAP?” said Batista, “It’s called Mono Black Control” responded Dykhne as he left the table

Dykhne 2 – Batista 1

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