Round 2 Feature Match: John Hutchison vs. Eric Chapman

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By Toby Wachter

Game 1

John went first and played Adarkar Wastes, while Eric played Island. On Eric's end step, John took a point of damage and cast Brainstorm. He then untapped, played a Plains and summoned Ramosian Sergeant. On his end step, Eric played his own Brainstorm, followed up by his own Lieutenant. The race for Rebel superiority was now on. Eric got a step ahead by hard casting a Lin Sivvi on turn three. Things looked even worse for John, as he missed his fourth land drop.

With John still stuck at three lands, Sivvi went to work, fetching Rebel Informer. He untapped, and said go, and John still couldn't find a land to activate the Lieutenant. It was sent to the bottom of his library on end step, and Eric activated Sivvi to go get a Falcon. To follow up, Eric served with everyone but the Sivvi. John attempted to cast Wrath of God, which was Absored by Eric. However, John had a Misdirection, and Wrath resolved, bringing him back into a game that he had seemingly lost. Things started to look even better, as John followed up on the following turn with Lin Sivvi. Eric attempted to Counterspell it, but John had a Counterspell of his own. Eric added Brainstorm on the stack, and Sivvi resolved.

With John tapped out, Eric was easily able to resolve Wrath of God, and then dropped a Falcon, which was Dominated on John's next turn. However, John kept himself in the game by dropping a Sky Marshal. John drew, thought and decided to end his turn, at which point Eric played a Brainstorm. He then untapped, and played Worship. It resolved, and the Sky Marshal attacked for three. This was probably a mistake, as it made him unable to search, and gave John a window to gain Sivvi advantage. Sure enough, on end step, John's Falcon searched out Lin Sivvi. He untapped and attempted to Dismantling Blow the Worship, which Eric Counterspelled. However, John has his own Counterspell, and the Blow resolved.

Eric attacked again with the Marshall, and hardcasted Cho-Manno, Revolutionary. On the following turn he did not attack, and Josh's Lin Sivvi put Rebel Informer back into the library. Eric did his own searching at the end of the turn, getting the monster Jhovall Queen. The Marshal attacked again, and Sivvi searched out the Informer. It was used on the following turn to put Marshal away, and in response the Marshal searched out Defiant Vanguard. John then tapped another three mana to put that same Vanguard back into Eric's library.

At this point, with Sivvi and Informer on the table, John clearly had the game in his control. A few turns later, Sivvi had searched out a sizable army, and Eric made a last ditch effort by attempting to Dominate Lin-Sivvi. A counter war resulted, which Eric won. This didn't matter much, as the Informer simply put Sivvi back into John's library. In a few more turns, John's Rebel army came through for the victory.

Hutchinson 1 - Chapman 0

Game 2

Eric played first this time, and started off with an Island, while John played Coastal Tower. Eric then dropped a Plains, and summoned Defiant Falcon. On turn three, Eric served with Falcon and hard cast Lin-Sivvi, which was Counterspelled. John untapped, and cast his own Lin-Sivvi. John drew and ended his turn, while Eric searched out Rebel Informer. John may have achieved Sivvi advantage, but Eric's Falcon was active first, allowing his to get ahead. He untapped, and sent Sivvi to the bottom of John's library. In response, John played Brainstorm, and searched out his own Informer.

John now untapped, and activated the Informer to send Eric's Informer away. Eric cast a second Falcon, and had four mana available to search. John untapped and played the critical sixth land, which would allow him to activate Informer twice. He thought, and then hard casted Sivvi, which was Countered. John responded with his own Counterspell, and Sivvi resolved. This left John tapped out except for one land, which gave Eric the opportunity to play Mageta, which resolved.

Eric continued to serve with the Falcons, and John searched out Vanguard. Eric ended his turn, leaving mana open to activate Mageta at will. Sure enough, on John's end step, Eric cast Brainstorm, and then activated Mageta, discarding Island and Plains. John responded by putting his Sivvi back into the library. Eric now untapped and played a Lieutenant, which resulted in a counter war that John won. Mageta went on the attack, and Eric ended his turn. John then played a Sivvi, and Eric sat back and waited to draw two cards. On end step, Sivvi put a Vanguard back into the library.

Eric drew and ended his turn again, aware that every card was now important. Meanwhile, John applied pressure on Eric to activate Mageta by searching out the Sky Marshall. It attacked, and Eric took three damage. On end step, Eric discarded two Islands and activated the Mageta. However, John had a major game swing card in this situation, as he Dominated the Mageta. He then hard cast a Marshal, and went into beatdown mode.

Eric went searching for answers with Fact or Fiction, which revealed two Adarkar Wastes, Defiant Falcon, Lin Sivvi and Dominate. John arranged one pile into Sivvi and Falcon, and the other into Dominate and the two lands. Eric thought, and took the Sivvi and Falcon. He untapped and played the Falcon, which resolved. This time, only the Marshal attacked, which brought Eric down to three. In an attempt to force more pressure onto John, Eric played a Sky Marshal. In the end step, Mageta was activated, and came through on the following turn for the win

Final Result: Hutchinson 2 - Chapman 0

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