Round 2 Feature Match: Mike Turian vs. Gerardo Godinez

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By Randy Buehler

Mike Turian vs. Gerardo Godinez

Few surprises in deckbuilding have appeared in this tournament so far, but Mike Turian came sporting one of the more interesting decks by far. With seven Familiars including four Nightscapes and three Sunscapes, Turian is able to support high-powered spells such as Probe, Fact or Fiction, Rout, and round his creature base out with Ertai(now corrupted) and Dromar the Banisher. Gerardo brought one of the more common decks to the table using the powerful red and green creatures like Skizzik and Thornscape Familiar as well as the oft-used red burn Ghitu Fire and Urza's Rage. His sideboard, however, held the unique surprise of Bend or Break along with the more common Overabundance. The classic battle of control versus beatdown went to three games, but alas, none of the three were even close.

Mike lead off first game with Gerardo mulliganing. While Gerardo sat back on three lands and amassed a small horde of dorks, Mike played out a few Familiars (3 walls and a zombie). Gerardo was able to burn one, but another was protected by Spite and Malice. As the game dragged on and the outcome was starting to obviously favor the late-game oriented control deck, Godinez desperate for play cast an unkicked Skizzik, even though Mike rested comfortably at 20 life. Soon after, the game rapidly degenerated as Mike chain cast 2 Fact or Fictions for one mana at the end of Godinez's ninth turn and used his own turn to chain cast kicked Probes for two leaving Godinez with a near empty hand. After a stabilizing Rout from Mike, Ertai soon made an appearance and Godinez scooped.

Turian-Godinez 1-0

The tables turned in game two with Godinez choosing to play first. Godinez came out fast with a turn two Familiar and a turn 3 Raging Kavu. Godinez attacked Mike down to 10 and loosed the Blurred Mongoose on his fourth turn. Trying to buy some time to get set up, Mike Repulsed the Familiar at the end of Godinez's turn. It seemed questionable though that he let the Familiar stay in play through Gerardo's turn, as a kicked Skizzik would have ended the game in a timely fashion. Mike missed a land drop on his own fourth turn. Godinez again sends Fast Kavu and the Goose, and Mike has a Dromar's charm for the 3/1, so only gets knocked to 8. Godinez then has his chance to make a questionable play as he lays a Forest before he casts the sideboard technology he brought, Bend or Break. This caused him to lose and extra land, but it mattered little as the Goose kept pecking and burn soon toasted Mike.

Gerardo Godinez

Godinez-Turian 1-1

The third game, like the previous, was won in a timely manner. Turian's mana came up perfectly, letting him lay Swamp, Plains, Island on consecutive turns, with a Sunscape Familiar thrown in on turn two. Godinez also got a decent draw with a Goose on turn two and a Raging Kavu on turn three. On turn three, Mike blocked the Goose and took three, and used the end of Gerardo's turn to cast Fact or Fiction, in which he garnered 2 Islands and a Repulse while eschewing the Agenda and Recoil. On Godinez's next turn, he cast Bend or Break, knocking two lands from each players resources. For as the rest of the game, Godinez was without Green mana while Mike quickly added mana to his side with land and Familiars. The game ended quickly when Dromar made an appearance and a last ditch Skizzik was Excluded.

Final Result: Mike Turian-Gerardo Godinez 2-1

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