Round 2 Feature Match: Ryan Fuller vs. Lawrence Creech

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By Josh Bennett

"You're not going to like this. Gives you a below average draw. Not going to mana-screw you, maybe just a bit too much land," so said Ryan Fuller as he shuffled Lawrence Creech's deck for their match. Both men have missions. Fuller is trying to match his spectacular performance at Tokyo, and Creech is looking to cement his position as Rookie of the Year.

Fuller put Creech on the defensive quickly. He churned out turn-two Llanowar Knight, turn-three Spirit Weaver. Creech made an Ancient Kavu to stand in the way, which gave Fuller pause on his next turn.

After weighing his options, he chose to put Armadillo Cloak on his Knight. Creech took a hit and returned fire, then Probed with kicker. He discarded Maniacal Rage and Mourning, while Fuller lost Aurora Griffin and Wash Out.

After Fuller's next attack, the scores stood 25 - 8, with The Creecher on the far side of unhappy. He Harrowed into his third and fourth colors, and passed the turn with one card in hand. Creech played his sixth land and tapped out for Halam Djinn. When Fuller saw that it would be 6/5, he took a moment to consider a response. He decided against it.

With only three white permanents in play, Fuller sent his Weaver on a suicide mission to bring the Djinn down to size. He then kicked up a Magma Burst to erase Creech's board. Creech gated a Lava Zombie through a Volcano Imp, and fell to 4 on Fuller's next attack. He found another non-answer in the form of Smoldering Tar, and bought himself one last turn with a Recoil on Fuller's Cloak.

It was a big one, turning up a Mire Kavu that could trade with the Cloaked Knight and leave Creech "safe" at 1 life. He even went on the offensive with Volcano Imp, though without cards in hand. Fuller put him back on the ropes with Glimmering Angel. But by gum, Creech still had his Tar.

He added some creatures to the field, but couldn't push past the pro-black Knight. He had a Terminate ready when Fuller threatened to use his Sunscape Apprentice to trample through for lethal damage, and a Hooded Kavu to augment his damage.

Fuller Harrowed again to increase the density of his deck, drew, and attacked. Creech pushed his Mire Kavu in front of it, and Fuller turned over the Aggressive Urge that would win him the game.

The early turns of Game 2 were back and forth. Fuller's early offense was a lowly Sunscape Apprentice, joined on turn three by a Llanowar Knight. Creech, meanwhile, made a Hooded Kavu and a Volcano Imp. Fuller tried to match him in the race with a kicked Ardent Solder, but Creech removed it with Smoldering Tar and continued his assault.

On Fuller's next turn, he Harrowed, and again Cloaked up his trusty Knight and sent for five. Creech made a Rith's Attendant, happy at the prospect of trading two creatures to be rid of the Knight. Fuller made him wait as he Washed Out red. The Knight hit for five more with the Apprentice's help.

Creech shored up his defenses with his Hooded Kavu and Urborg Phantom, but they looked insignificant when Fuller played Verdeloth the Ancient. Creech took a hit from it, and found a Nightscape Familiar that could block with impunity. It did its job once before Fuller Shackled it.

Creech Probed with kicker, but was still on the wrong end of a rampaging horde. He traded his Attendant and Hooded Kavu for the Cloaked Knight, but lost most of his remaining creatures keeping his head above water. He played out a few more creatures, but none could match Verdeloth's girth. He succumbed in short order.

Final Result: Fuller defeated Creech 2-0

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