Round 2 Feature Match: Sebastian Zink vs. Patrick Mello

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By by Kim Eikefet

Patrick Mello was the one lucky guy to get a bye in the first round. In the second round, he was paired up against Sebastian Zink, who according to himself was "a random guy from Bochum" who qualified for the German Nationals on rating. Sebastian has never played on the Pro Tour. He has eight PTQ top 8 finishes though, and he was qualified for the Team Pro Tour but couldn't go because of school obligations.

Game 1

Sebastian won the die roll and chose to play first. His opening hand consisted of four lands and three spells, and he played a turn one forest while Mello got out a turn one Sunscape Apprentice. Then, Sebastian cast a Quirion Dryad, retrieving a die from his bag. The die came in handy during his following turn, he then cast a Caldera Kavu and passed priority. When Patrick then played an island, both players had three colours of mana in play after only three rounds.

Patrick didn't like the Caldera Kavu, so he chose to Hobble it. Sebastian attacked with his Quirion Dryad, and passed priority. Mello then played a Sunscape Familiar. Sebastian, who definitely didn't like the Sunscape Apprentice, played a Tribal Flames to deal three damage to it. Patrick pondered for a while, looking at the cards in his hand. He then chose to use Rushing River with kicker, sacrificing a land to return the Familiar and Sebastian's Quirion Dryad to their owner's hands. Sebastian recast the Dryad and passed priority.

Patrick recast his Apprentice during his following turn, and passed priority. Sebastian, who had drawn a lot of lands, didn't look too pleased when he had to say go without doing anything but playing another land. Patrick's blue and white controllish deck seemed to work well though. Patrick played a Silver Drake, returning the Sunscape Familiar to his hand. Suddenly, he had a big threat in play, and Sebastian was put on a clock.

Sebastian then made yet another attempt to get rid of the Sunscape Familiar, and a Terminate finished it off. Then, he played a Serpentine Kavu, gave it haste and attacked for four - but Patrick had a Repulse.

The Silver Drake started attacking, and then the Sunscape Familiar was back on the table. Mello also played a Hunting Drake that returned the Quirion Dryad to the top of Sebastian's library, stripping it of its counters yet again. Sebastian recast it a second time. Then he played Magma Burst with kicker, killing both the Silver Drake and the Hunting Drake. Suddenly, Mello had no threats on the table, and he also knew that an angry Serpentine Kavu awaited in Sebastian's hand.

Patrick cast a Tower Drake and an Ardent Soldier with kicker. Then, the Serpentine Kavu knocked him down to fourteen life. Patrick chose to attack with his Tower Drake, and he also played a Tidal Visionary. But Sebastian chose to keep the pressure up, and he attacked with his Quirion Dryad and his Serpentine Kavu. The Sunscape Familiar blocked the Dryad, and then Sebastian used yet another Terminate to take out the Tower Drake while Patrick went to ten.

Patrick then double-blocked the Quirion Dryad to get rid of it, and Sebastian played a Quirion Sentinel. He continued attacking, and Patrick soon found himself at four life without any creatures on the table. He said go, indicating that he might have a trick, and so he Repulsed the Serpentine Kavu. Going to two. Still he found no way to survive, and he scooped.

Zink 1 - Mello 0

Game 2

Patrick chose to play first in the second game, and he also chose to keep his hand. Sebastian sighed, looking at a hand with five lands and only two spells - an Aggressive Urge and a Tribal Flames. After thinking for a long time he chose to keep it, drawing the compulsory sixth land off the top of his library. Meanwhile, Mello got a quick start. He played a turn two Galina's Knight and started attacking. Then, he played a Sunscape Familiar that Sebastian chose to Aggressive Urge to dig deeper into his library. He then played a Viashino Grappler.

Patrick continued attacking with his Knight. He also played a Silver Drake, returning the Sunscape Familiar to his hand to pay for the coming into play cost. Sebastian couldn't let the Silver Drake stay on the table, so he played a Quirion Sentinel, then he Tribal Flamed the Drake and attacked with his Grappler. Patrick recast his Sunscape Familiar during his following turn.

During turn five, Sebastian played his Serpentine Kavu, but a Hunting Drake put it straight back on top of his library. Then it was back, and this time it was angry and attacked at once to put Mello at 13 life. Mello attacked back with his Hunting Drake. Then he Hobbled the Serpentine Kavu and played Tidal Visionary.

Suddenly things looked better for Patrick. He had his Hunting Drake attacking every round, and a Crimson Acolyte along with the Galina's Knight and the Tidal Visionary gave him a definite edge. Soon Sebastian was at ten, and a Glimmering Angel came to help Patrick as well. Sebastian, who had said nothing but "go" for several turns, drew another land. Then he scooped.

Zink 1 - Mello 1

Game 3

Sebastian chose to play first yet again, but Mello got out the first creature - the Sunscape Familiar. Then, a Caldera Kavu came into play on the other side of the table. Mello played Worldly Counsel during his turn. Then he passed priority.

The Caldera Kavu attacked, and Mello chose to block it with his Sunscape Familiar. Sebastian thought for a short while before opting to pump his Kavu to kill the Familiar instead of playing another creature. Then, Mello played the card he had picked from the Counsel, Cloud Cover. Sebastian attacked with his Caldera Kavu. Sighing, he played a Viashino Grappler, stalling on three lands only.

Mello played Benalish Emissary, adding insult to injury by destroying Sebastian's swamp. Failing to draw more lands, Sebastian just had to sit there and do nothing. Then, the Silver Drake was back, returning the Emissary to Mello's hand. A Tidal Visionary also came into play on Mello's side of the table.

Sebastian finally drew another land, a forest. He chose to attack with both his creatures, and Mello chose to block the Grappler with his Visionary and the Kavu with his Drake. Sebastian used an Explosive Growth to pump his Caldera Kavu to kill the Silver Drake. Then, during the following turn, he lost his forest to the returning Benalish Emissary.

Mello had a good draw. While Sebastian struggled at two lands, he played Hunting Drake, putting the Caldera Kavu on top of his opponent's library. Then, after Sebastian was forced to discard, he started attacking before playing a Benalish Trapper and a Disciple of Kangee. Sebastian drew a third mountain and recast the Caldera Kavu, but he soon founds himself at 11 facing a Zanam Djinn as well. A fourth mountain didn't help him, but at least he could play a Hooded Kavu to try and stop the onslaught. Unfortunately, an Ardent Soldier and a Galina's Knight later, the game was over.

Final Result: Sebastian Zink 1 - Patrick Mello 2

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