Round 2 - Luis Ramos vs Ernesto Mingorance

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By Toby Wachter

Ernesto placed Top 8 at Grand Prix Rio, and is considered to be an excellent Rochester drafter. A good showing today would certainly solidify that reputation, regardless of his record tomorrow in the Constructed portion of the tournament.

Game 1

Ernesto went first this game. Luis opened up with a first turn Bloodfire Dwarf. Ernesto played a land and ended his turn, while Luis continued to build up his army with Alpha Kavu. Ernesto then summoned his first creature of the game- Colition Honor Guard. With the ground locked up, Luis played Phyrexian Slayer to attack from the sky. It attacked on the following turn, and was joined by Volcano Imp. However, Ernesto had a great answer, as he played Canopy Surge with kicker to kill off both flyers. Luis started to rebuild with a Zombie Boa.

Ernesto nullified the Boa with Hobble, and then played Sunscape Master. Luis untapped and thought for a bit before attacking with Alpha Kavu and Bloodfire Dwarf. Before blockers were declared, Luis killed off Ernesto's Honor Guard by playing Agonizing Demise with kicker. Ernesto simply untapped and ended his turn, hoping that the active Master would be enough to stabilize. The Kavu and Dwarf attacked again, and the Master blocked the Dwarf. Damage went on the stack, and Luis sacrificed the Dwarf, which was responded to by activating the Master's green ability. Consume Strength was played on the Master right after, but Ernesto was able to counter it with Prohibit.

Sunscape Familiar was played on the following turn, and Ernesto played Silver Drake to bounce and replay it. He now had the ground stabilized and a victory condition in the air. Luis summoned Plague Spitter next, and ended his turn. Ernesto's Drake now attacked for three, and Sunscape Master was used to bounce back the Spitter before its ability could be activated. Alpha Kavu attacked on Luis' turn, and it was blocked by Sunscape Familiar. Explosive Growth was used to kill off the Familiar, and Luis played Razing Snidd to bounce back his Hobbled Boa.

Ernesto untapped, and played Aether Mutation to bounce back the Snidd, and gained six Saprolings in the process. Luis took his turn and replayed Plague Spitter. Ernesto attacked with all of his creatures. Luis blocked two Saprolings, and the Master's green ability was activated to make Ernesto's team big enough to defeat Luis.

Ramos- 0 Mingorance- 1

Game 2

Luis played first this game, and opened by casting Lay of the Land to fetch a mountain. Ernesto answered with his own first turn play- Thornscape Apprentice. Luis untapped and played another Lay of the Land to fetch a swamp. Ernesto now attacked with the Apprentice, and continued his curve with a Sunscape Familiar. Luis answered back by playing Pernicious Deed. Ernesto attacked again, and ended his turn. Luis then played his first creature of the game- Phyrexian Slayer. Ernesto was hesitant to play anything with the Deed out, and simply sat back on his Apprentice to handle the Slayer. Luis killed it off with Soul Burn a few turns later.

The game at this point was all about parity. Ernesto did not want to overextend because of the Deed, but still needed to stay in a position that would not cause him to lose. Ernesto played a Bobcat, which could keep up with the Slayer in the damage race. Ernesto played Canopy Surge with kicker on the next turn to kill off the Slayer, and Luis responded by destroying the Bobcat with Death Bomb, sacrificing the doomed Slayer. A 2/1 token came into play, and was destroyed with Consume Strength. Ernesto now played a major threat in Silver Drake, which bounced back the Familiar.

The Drake attacked on the following turn, and Luis decided to blow the Deed and kill it off. This finally allowed Ernesto to develop a beneficial board position. He played Coalition Honor Guard, and followed up the next turn strong with Crimson Acolyte and Coastal Drake. Luis played Thunderscape Battlemage with kicker, forcing Ernesto to discard Sunscape Familiar and Quirion Explorer. However, Ernesto's army was easily able to shrug off Luis' Thunderscape Battlemage thanks to the Acolyte.

Ramos- 0 Mingorance- 2

Ernesto Mingorance

Luis Ramos

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