Round 2 Results

Posted in Event Coverage on December 18, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

Afro-Cuban RhythmTeam 6$ Sub 2Won, 2-0
Aixelsyd Maet*** Awarded Bye ***
All-Star Simpson Defense TeaTeam QCJLost, 0-1-2
American BeautyNasty ButlerLost, 1-2
Apac NationTeam JankWon, 2-0-1
Bentley Renunion TourTeam SheetzLost, 1-2
Billy. TeamRoll and TackWon, 2-0
Bloated ToadFleur de LysLost, 1-2
Bolting SoulsPotato HeadsWon, 2-0-1
Bunch O Nuts*** Awarded Bye ***
Car Acrobatic TeamThe Fighting TunaWon, 2-1
China CatOld Man and His MinionsWon, 2-1
Dark Side of the Moon*** Awarded Bye ***
Egghead GamesTeam GrrrrrLost, 1-2
Fatsoono TeamRug DoctorsLost, 1-2
Fear and Loathing in NY*** Awarded Bye ***
Five LegsTeam ChimeraWon, 2-0
Fleur de LysBloated ToadWon, 2-1
Forbidden DonutTeam CowWon, 2-1
FTL TeamThe Bedell FamilyLost, 0-2
Gas, Inc.Team GoldfishWon, 2-1
Gazebo SlayersTeam CerebusWon, 2-0
God's Pizza*** Awarded Bye ***
Golden GuysThe Nameless OnesLost, 1-2
Huey, Ben, and Casey*** Awarded Bye ***
Insufficient Randomization*** Awarded Bye ***
Just For MenTeam Shut Yo Mouth!!Won, 2-0
Kamikaze Matt'sLook Out BelloLost, 0-2
Kryptonite Ox Won, 2-1
Look Out BelloKamikaze Matt'sWon, 2-0
Lords of the UnderworldTeam TwoLost, 0-2
Low ExpectationsThree CheatersLost, 0-2
Nasty ButlerAmerican BeautyWon, 2-1
New Big DogsShort BusWon, 2-1
Old Man and His MinionsChina CatLost, 1-2
Ox Kryptonite Lost, 1-2
Pam and the Fuzzy BunnieTeam ShadyDrew, 1-1
Pittsburgh BlueTeam TaintLost, 0-2
Potato HeadsBolting SoulsLost, 0-2-1
Potato NationTwo Lawyers and a LeiherWon, 2-1
Really RottensTeam OutpostDrew, 1-1
Roll and TackBilly. TeamLost, 0-2
Rug DoctorsFatsoono TeamWon, 2-1
Short BusNew Big DogsLost, 1-2
Sufficiently Randomized*** Awarded Bye ***
Suspicion Breeds Confidence*** Awarded Bye ***
Team 6$ Sub 2Afro-Cuban RhythmLost, 0-2
Team Antarctica*** Awarded Bye ***
Team BellsThe Mountain YetisWon, 2-0
Team Bread DeliveryTeam StruzzinWon, 2-1
Team CerebusGazebo SlayersLost, 0-2
Team ChimeraFive LegsLost, 0-2
Team CowForbidden DonutLost, 1-2
Team DieselTeam WassabiWon, 2-1
Team GoldfishGas, Inc.Lost, 1-2
Team GrrrrrEgghead GamesWon, 2-1
Team JankApac NationLost, 0-2-1
Team One-Twenty SoulTLF SpawnWon, 2-1
Team OutpostReally RottensDrew, 1-1
Team Paradox*** Awarded Bye ***
Team QCJAll-Star Simpson Defense TeaWon, 1-0-2
Team RamenThe Amish MobWon, 2-0
Team ShadyPam and the Fuzzy BunnieDrew, 1-1
Team SheetzBentley Renunion TourWon, 2-1
Team Shephard*** Awarded Bye ***
Team Shut Yo Mouth!!Just For MenLost, 0-2
Team StruzzinTeam Bread DeliveryLost, 1-2
Team TaintPittsburgh BlueWon, 2-0
Team TwoLords of the UnderworldWon, 2-0
Team WassabiTeam DieselLost, 1-2
Team Work*** Awarded Bye ***
Team XanaduThe Fix Is InWon, 2-1
Tenacious D 3D*** Awarded Bye ***
That's Armageddon, Baby!*** Awarded Bye ***
The Amish MobTeam RamenLost, 0-2
The Bedell FamilyFTL TeamWon, 2-0
The Fighting TunaCar Acrobatic TeamLost, 1-2
The Fix*** Awarded Bye ***
The Fix Is InTeam XanaduLost, 1-2
The Mountain YetisTeam BellsLost, 0-2
The Nameless OnesGolden GuysWon, 2-1
Three CheatersLow ExpectationsWon, 2-0
TLF SpawnTeam One-Twenty SoulLost, 1-2
TN ConnectionTwo Yanks and a CanuckWon, 2-0
Two Lawyers and a LeiherPotato NationLost, 1-2
Two Yanks and a CanuckTN ConnectionLost, 0-2
V *** Awarded Bye ***
Your Move Games*** Awarded Bye ***

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