Round 2: Ruud Warmenhoven vs Jesse Cornelissen

Posted in Event Coverage on April 27, 2003

By Stan van der Velden

Ruud’s one of the most outspoken Dutch players out there at the moment. Writing articles for numerous websites and making friends with pro’s from all over the world, he’s quickly making a name for himself. Of course, his top sixteens at Pro Tour Houston and GP Reims always help.
Jesse is one third of the famous Cornelissen family. He was Dutch Champion a couple of years ago and was fourth last Nationals. He’s looking for a repeat performance this weekend and he at least won his first match.

Ruud’s playing a very strange U/W control deck originally designed by the French. It’s Blue/White control with Exalted Angels and Mobilizations. Jesse is with Tog.

Game 1

The first turns of this game were fairly unexciting with a morph being Force Spiked on turn 3.

“It was an Angel..”

When Jesse tapped out for Deep Analysis on turn 4 Ruud, who went first, dropped the bomb: Future Sight. He got a Mobilization in play the following turn as Jesse didn’t even bother to attempt a counter war. Ruud seemed to be firmly in control at this point with Jesse’s only out being Upheaval – Tog. Jesse got Compulsion going and started a flurry of card drawing spells while Ruud sat back and build up his mana base and a small army of 1/1 soldiers. Jesse managed to resolve a Cunning Wish for Mana Short and was cycling away with his Compulsion trying to find enough counters to go with the Upheaval and the Psychatog in his hand. He didn’t manage to find all the pieces before the army of little beaters finished him off though and Ruud took the first game.

1-0 Ruud

“I have a plan! But I have no idea if it will work..” – Ruud, looking through his sideboard.

The plan is Millstone, apparently, and Ruud decided to try it out this round.

Game 2

Jesse went first this time and he didn’t play a land on turn 3 or 4. Ruud decided to go for Mobilization on turn 4 and he Force Spiked Jesse’s Counterspell. A flashbacked Deep Analysis got Jesse his third and fourth land and it started to look like a normal game again except for the Mobilization in play on Ruud’s side. Ruud spend his next couple of turns Memory Lapsing Jesse’s Compulsion while attacking for one or two. Because of the Lapses Jesse never got his board developed properly and when Ruud’s Mobilization started cranking out two Soldiers a turn, Jesse was hard pressed to find a solution. His turn 6 Upheaval got Force Spiked, but his turn 7 Upheaval resolved despite Ruud having Compulsion and Future Sight in play. The game was reset with Jesse at one. On turn 2 both players cast Compulsion and the game turned into a staring contest until turn 5 when Jesse Duressed Ruud. Ruud let it resolve showing a lot of gas with Cunning wish, 2 Counterspells, Deep Analysis, Mobilization, Wrath and Future Sight. Jesse took one of the Counterspells and had to pass the turn. Another Duress took out the Cunning Wish and the game turned into a Compulsion standoff again. Ruud blinked first with a flashbacked Deep Analysis and both players Circular Logiced through their Compulsion. Ruud drew his cards and they once again started the Draw-Go routine. Jesse’s third Duress triggered a counter war that ended up with Ruud Memory Lapsing Jesse’s two Counterspells and Jesse’s Duress resolving taking Future Sight. Then he cast Duress number 4 and took Mobilization, leaving Ruud with 0 cards in hand.
Jesse seemed firmly in control of this game but would he be able to win in time..? With fifteen minutes left in the round and six cards left in his library Ruud played a Millstone. The Millstone resolved but it alone wouldn’t be enough to run Jesse out.. Ruud would have to Deep Analysis Jesse to kill him. In the meanwhile Jesse had all his Togs still in his deck and managed to resolve one of them the turn after the Millstone came into play.

“So, is that lethal?”
“Only if you Millstone me.”

Jesse went for the kill the turn after, pumping his Psychatog to 23/24 with one card in hand. When Ruud attempted a Renewed Faith Jesse turned it over: Counterspell.

“How lucky!”


Game 3

Five minutes left. Reporter very bored. Brain shutting down. Five minutes later the game did indeed end in a draw.


Ruud Warmenhoven

Download Arena Decklist

Jesse Cornelissen

Download Arena Decklist

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