Round 2: Tarou Kageyama vs. Yue-Wei Yang

Posted in Event Coverage on July 12, 2002

By Josh Bennett

Blurred Mongoose
Taiwan's Yue-Wei Yang is a man of the people, as evidenced by the wave of applause that swept the hall as his name was announced in the Feature Match. Undergoing a current drought of good finishes, he hopes to reverse that trend this weekend, and return to the glory he experienced as a Nationals Top 8 Competitor in 2000. His opponent is Tarou Kageyama of Japan. An on-again, off-again pro player, he stays close to the action as a reporter for Sideboard Japan.

Yang mulliganed to six, but blazed out of the gates with Basking Rootwalla and Blurred Mongoose. Kageyama fell to twelve quickly, but had a Rage to keep the Rootwalla from getting out of hand. However, a Grim Lavamancer added to the beats and Yang didn't feel the need to add any more pressure.

With a grip full of counters, Kageyama just needed an answer to the threats on the table. His life total fell. Nine. Six. Yang brought him to three. Kageyama drew his card, and scooped.

Yang 1 - Kageyama 0

Again Yang mulliganed to six, but showed no sign of slowing down because of it. The now-standard opener of Rootwalla and Mongoose started tearing into Kageyama's life-total. Then he missed his third land drop. Yang was merciless. Yavimaya Barbarian brought more pain.

Finally Kageyama found a third land. He passed it back quickly. Yang ran in and pumped his Rootwalla. Kageyama slammed down Hibernation, a temporary reprieve. Yang replayed Rootwalla and Barbarian. Kageyama topdecked another land, and took two pain to Wrath. His life total stood at a pitiful seven.

Yang didn't miss a beat. The Mongoose came back, along with Fiery Temper to the dome. Kageyama was in trouble. He tried a Fact or Fiction, but only saw four land and an Absorb. Yang gave him the thumbs-up. Within two turns, the game was over.

Final Result: Yue-Wei Yang defeats Tarou Kageyama 2-0

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