Round 2: Terry Tsang vs. Jason Herman

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By Adrian Sullivan

Terry Tsang vs. Jason Herman

Jason Herman is a new player on the tournament circuit, only having played for a year on the qualifying circuit. He qualified for Nationals by placing fifth place at his British Columbia Regionals running a Green/White Armageddon deck reminiscent of Erhnam-Geddon. Tsang is best known for his strong finish at Pro-Tour New York 1999, where he placed Top 8. Tsang's deck is a solid Red/Black/Blue control deck featuring several Cavern Harpies and controlling cards.

"He can't win, he's wearing a Nationals shirt.
-Jason Herman

Game 1

Tsang mulligans, but dropped the first major creature, Coastal Drake, only to have it answered quickly by a pro-blue Voice of All, and a Dega Disciple to increase Herman's beatdown. Herman went on the offensive with the Voice and Disciple combo, and Tsang answered back, bringing out a Cavern Harpy, and using Dead Ringers to take out the pesky Voice of All and Dega Disciple.

Herman was not without some threats, however, dropping a trio of quick beats: Yavimaya Barbarian, Thornscape Familiar, and Goblin Legionnaire. Tsang's side of the table is a bit less exciting, with a Dromar's Attendant and the Harpy as his only fliers, but he quickly changed the tune. Dropping a second Harpy and the Coastal Drake once again, he swooped in the air, while continuously relaying a new Harpy to replace the old Harpy on the defense.

Jason Herman

The race continued with them both dropping quickly on life, but Tsang's Harpy whittled away at Herman's army, and soon Herman was unable to attack. With a handful of land, Herman conceded to Tsang's fliers.

Game 2

Herman started the game with early pressure from a Thornscape Familiar and a Quirion Dryad, but ended up stymied by Tsang's Mournful Zombie. Unwilling to trade, Herman stopped the attack to sit back with a Desolation Giant in hand. After drawing a Scorching Lava, Herman makes an aggressive move and trades a Scorching Lava and both of his creatures for Tsang's newly summoned Mire Kavu and Mournful Zombie.

Tsang drops new threats with Planeswalker's Scorn, Volcano Imp, and Ravenous Rats, while Herman continues to sit back on his Desolation Giant, waiting for the proper moment to blow up the world. Dropping a Legionnaire, he sacrifices it to kill the Volcano Imp in response to Tsang's attempt to hit it with a Planeswalker's Scorn. Tsang drops a Ceta Disciple to join his Rat, and Herman finally drops the Giant to blow up the world.

Terry Tsang

Tsang doesn't let the Giant go unanswered, using Rushing River to return both of his creatures in response. Herman drops a Ceta Disciple to join the Giant, and on Tsang's turn, he redropped the Rat, and then used a Cavern Harpy to return the Rat.

Herman moves to the aggressive with a Penumbra Bobcat, and begins to the attack. Tsang's Rat comes down onto the table for the third time, clearing Herman's hand. With a Ceta Disciple and a Tower Drake, Tsang re-establishes his position on the table, and Herman concedes when Tsang didn't take the bait by blocking with his fliers.

Final Result: Tsang 2 - Herman 0

Jason Herman

Download Arena Decklist
Sideboard (2)
1 Tranquility 1 Aurora Griffin

Terry Tsang

Download Arena Decklist
Sorcery (1)
1 Dead Ringers
Enchantment (1)
1 Planeswalker's Scorn
Other (3)
1 Dromar's Attendent 1 Volcanic Imp 1 Whirlpool Raider
40 Cards

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