Round 2: Tom Guevin vs Alex Shvartsman

Posted in Event Coverage on May 2, 2003

By Toby Wachter

Tom Guevin is a bit of a legend, but not quite for his playskill. Granted, he was a finalist at the second Pro Tour in history, but it’s Guevin’s antics that have made him notorious. His feature matches at the Pro Tour always draw a big crowd, and not because of deck tech or Budde-like skill. He timed out last round, but says he needed just one more turn to win his match.

Guevin: “If I had concentrated more on my match than making fun of Mouth, I would have won.”

Shvartsman: “It’s a good cause.”

Shvartsman is playing the Your Move Games Verdant Succession deck, while Guevin has blue/green/black Opposition.

Game 1

Shvartsman mulliganed his opening hand. Guevin opened with Birds of Paradise, while Shvartsman had a less-than-optimal second turn Llanowar Elves. Guevin swung and missed with Duress, seeing a pair of Husks, and a pair of Elvish Soultillers. A Husk came out on the following turn, while Guevin tapped four mana to draw cards with Deep Analysis. The Husk attacked for two, and was joined by Ravenous Baloth. Guevin played Opposition, followed by Llanowar Elves, and was on his way to holding off Shvartsman’s team. He tapped down a mana source rather than an attacker on Shvartsman’s turn, since Alex was stuck at three lands and a Llanowar Elves. Guevin played Squirrel Nest, and locked down Shvartsman until he conceded.

Guevin- 1 Shvartsman- 0

Game 2

This time, it was Guevin who mulliganed. He played Duress off City of Brass and hit nothing, seeing a bunch of elves. Gempalm Strider came out turn two, and was followed by Wellwisher, which died to Smother. Squirrel Nest went on a forest, and Shvartsman destroyed it right away with Naturalize. The Strider continued its attack, and another Wellwisher came into play. Guevin cast Opposition, but didn’t have any creatures out at to abuse it with. Call of the Herd would have provided an “Icy” on the next turn, but it died to Smother, which was followed by Shvartsman’s Caller of the Claw to put even more pressure on the board. The Call was flashed back, and Shvartsman had another Smother to clear the way for a lethal attack.

Guevin- 1 Shvartsman- 1

Game 3

Guevin double mulliganed to start. He played Birds of Paradise, and Shvartsman had Llanowar Elves. Guevin’s Cabal Therapy named Wellwisher and it hit one. The rest of Shvartsman’s hand was Smother, Herald, Baloth and two lands. He then sacrificed Birds of Paradise to flash it back, getting rid of the Herald. Another Cabal Therapy handled the Baloth, and Guevin’s Squirrel Nest was Naturalized. Shvartsman summoned Wirewood Herald, and Smothered Guevin’s elephant token. Wirewood Herald and Wellwish added to Shvartsman’s team of 1/1s, and attacked until Guevin found a fourth land and flashed back the Call. Shvartsman drew, apologized, and used the Smother he just drew to eliminated Guevin’s blocker. A few more attacks, and the game was over.

Guevin- 1 Shvartsman- 2

Tom Guevin

Download Arena Decklist
Sideboard (12)
1 Quiet Speculation 2 Static Orb 1 Cabal Therapy 2 Ray of Revelation 1 Krosan Reclaimation 2 Envelop 3 Ravenous Baloth

Alex Shvartsman

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