Round 20: Mike Wall (Finland) vs. Sam Lount (Canada)

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By Toby Wachter

Mike Wall vs. Sam Lount

When I sat down at the Feature Match table, Wall told me to "be gentle" with the match coverage. He made a mistake at Worlds last year during a Feature Match, and was apparently nervous about doing the same again. His opponent, Sam Lount, is a member of Team Canada along with Terry Tsang and Elijah Pollock. He is the only player on the team without Pro Tour experience, but showed that he could handle a high level tournament with his third place finish at Canadian Nationals a few weeks ago. Here on home soil, he's looking to help his team pull ahead and take the lead. They got off to a good start in the first round, beating Australia 2-1. Mike wanted to send greetings to Perttu, his mother.

Game 1

Lount went first, and Wall played Lay of the Land on his first turn to get a mountain. Thornscape Familiar was summoned by Lount on turn two, and Wall played Thornscape Apprentice. The Familiar attacked once, but stayed back once the Apprentice became active. Nothing happened for the next few turns, until Wall summoned Kavu Climber. Lount played a second Thornscape Familiar. The Climber attacked for three, and Wall followed up by summoning Gaea's Skyfolk and Tower Drake. Wall built up the skies even more when he played a kicked Faerie Squadron on the next turn, and Lount's Familiars were helpless to stop the onslaught.

Quirion Sentinel was played by Lount, which gave him the black mana necessary to cast Recoil. It targeted Faerie Squadron, and Wall discarded Wallop. Wall's army attacked again on the following turn, and the Squadron came back out. Lount played a Living Airship, which could stop some of Wall's attackers. This didn't matter, as Wall played Chaos, and attacked for the win.

Wall- 1 Lount- 0

Game 2

Lount chose to play, and mulliganed his opening hand. He summoned Urborg Elf on turn two, while Wall cast Nomadic Elf. Lount then played a turn three Volcanic Imp, and Wall used his Nomadic Elf to make a red mana, and Strafe the Elf. Lount came back with Quirion Explorer, and attacked through the air with the Imp. Nomadic Elf attacked right back, and was joined by Sparring Golem. Wall missed his fourth land drop, and was stuck with two islands and one forest. The Imp attacked again, while the Elf and Golem attacked on Wall's turn.

Mana Cylix was then played by Lount, who realized he was losing the race. Lount kept the Imp back, so that it could slow down Wall's attack. The Golem still got through for two, and Wall played an Urborg Elf. Kavu Climber was summoned by Wall, while Lount found a fifth land. Thornscape Familiar was played by Lount, but it wasn't going to get the job done against Wall's creatures. The Climber and Golem attacked, and Quirion Explorer chump blocked the Golem. Wall then played Gaea's Skyfolk. Lount took his turn, and brought out another Thornscape Familiar. Wall cast Chaos and attacked for the win.

Final Result: Wall- 2 Lount- 0

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