Round 3:

Posted in Event Coverage on February 26, 2004

By Paul Sottosanti

Antoine Ruel vs. Mattias Jorstedt

As they shuffled for the first game, Antoine looked up at Mattias and asked, "Are you playing the mono-Red deck or the Red-Green deck? Or Tuomo's deck, mono-Black?" Mattias just grinned and said, "That's the good thing about having different decks," referring to the fact that his team for this Pro Tour was running a variety of different archetypes.

Game 1

In a format where some of the decks have seven or eight permanents by turn two, these two decks feel like they're made out of molasses. Ruel, piloting a nearly mono-Green Tooth and Nail monstrosity, finished his third turn with Stalking Stones, Forest, Cloudpost and a Talisman of Unity in play. Mattias had a similar board of three Mountains and a Darksteel Ingot.

Antoine: "Okay, so you are…Red. At least."
Mattias: "So far."
Antoine: "So far, so good."

Mattias then untapped, laid a Forest, paused and looked up, then tapped all five and placed a Molder Slug on the table.

Tooth and Nail

Antoine nodded, untapped, tossed his Talisman into the graveyard, played a fourth land and then cast Reap and Sow, fetching a second Cloudpost and putting it directly into play. Mattias could only swing with his Molder Slug for four points and pass the turn.

Ruel tapped two for Talisman of Unity and then attempted to play Leonin Abunas. Mattias, wary of any shenanigans and dealing with an overload of artifact removal in his hand, Oxidized the Talisman in response. Ruel then added another Stalking Stones and a Gray Ogre in the form of Viridian Shaman.

Jorstedt swung with Slug and the Shaman jumped in front. He then passed the turn with five cards in hand, seemingly out of action. Ruel untapped and entwined a Tooth and Nail, searching for Darksteel Colossus and Platinum Angel and putting them both directly into play. How unfair.

Ruel, perhaps basking in the feeling of having an 11/11 indestructible creature and a 4/4 flier that said he couldn't lose the game, neither of which could be targeted, looked up and said, "Can you even win this game?" Mattias looked insulted, responding with, "Yeah. Why not?"

Ruel could only look down at his two enormous fatties and say, "Because."

In any case, the game ended shortly once Ruel showed that he knew that he could respond to the Molder Slug's effect by activating a Stalking Stones. Mattias, stuck with useless artifact removal in his hand, found no outs.

Antoine Ruel 1 - Matthias Jorstedt 0

Game 2

Again the game started slowly, with the first action being Mattias's Viridian Shaman destroying Antoine's Talisman of Unity. Antoine untapped and cast Pulse of the Tangle for a quick 3/3, followed by a Solemn Simulacrum. Mattias was stuck on three lands and could only trade his Shaman for the Simulacrum when it attacked.

Antoine then increased the mana screw with an entwined Reap and Sow, killing a Mirrodin's Core and fetching a Cloudpost. Mattias still had no land, now stuck on two, and Antoine could only apologize and keep summoning creatures. When he entwined a Tooth and Nail, Mattias offered his hand in concession, having only cast one spell the entire game.

Antoine Ruel 2 - Matthias Jorstedt 0

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