Round 3: Alex Shvartsman vs Zvi Mowshowitz

Posted in Event Coverage on May 2, 2003

By Toby Wachter

When the feature match was called out, Zvi shouted out “Are you sure you want to cover this?”

Justin Gary came over, and had a front row seat since he got a third round bye. “I should have played the bad deck today. I’m 0-2!”

Mowshowitz: “Let’s see how many games we can play without anyone winning them”

Game 1

Both players opened with Wirewood Heralds, and as the elves came out on both sides, the number of insects grew. Shvartsman played Fallen Angel, Mowshowitz summoned Ravenous Baloth, and attacked with his team and got through since Shvartsman didn’t want to block; he was close to being able to attack with the Angel for lethal damage. Mowshowitz had a second Baloth on the following turn, which made the math a lot harder. Shvartsman thought on his turn and said go, and Mowshowitz attacked with everyone but the Hivemaster. There was an insect massacre in combat, and the board was left at Shvartsman’s Birchlore Rangers, Fallen Angel and Hivemaster to Mowshowitz’s Herald, Baloth and Hivemaster. On the following turn Mowshowitz played his own Fallen Angel, and Verdant Succession came out soon after. Since it was Mowshowitz’s turn, he could use Birchlore Rangers to go off with his Fallen Angel, and make it infinitely big. He explained that he could go off, and both agreed Alex was in a position where he could not win since he would be forced to chump block with his Angel, and would simply lose next turn.

Shvartsman- 0 Mowshowitz- 1

Game 2

Once again, both players had Hivemasters and many insects were generated on both sides of the table. Mowshowitz had a pair of Wellwishers, while Shvartsman summoned Ravenous Baloth. Mowshowitz played his own Baloth, and was soon gaining double-digit life totals with his Wellwishers. Shvartsman was lacking a black source of mana for much of the game, finally found one, and played Nantuko Husk. By now, Zvi’s life total was above a hundred, and gaining by almost twenty each turn.

Shvartsman: “I’m going to attack you with irrelevant creatures.”
Mowshowitz: “I’ll suck up the damage from the irrelevant creatures.”

Shvartsman’s creatures attacked for five damage, and he played Verdant Succession on the following turn. He then went off, producing infinite mana and went to get the tech card that Mowshowitz himself put in the deck: Skirk Marauder.

Shvartsman- 1 Mowshowitz- 1

Mowshowitz: “Killed by my own card!”
Justin Gary: “Infinite life, mana and creatures wasn’t good enough for him. He needed to have infinite damage too. He took one look at the deck before ever playing it, and realized it needed to have a Marauder.”

A spectator: “What else can that deck do?”
Mowshowitz: “It can do infinite creatures. Actually, we just did infinite creatures. You missed it. While Alex was going off I got infinite insect tokens.”

Game 3

Shvartsman mulliganed his opening hand. Both players started with Llanowar Elves, and Shvartsman had Herald and another Llanowar Elves. Mowshowitz summoned the Hivemaster, and Shvartsman attacked for two, and had no black sources available. Mowshowitz played a Herald of his own, getting an insect. Shvartsman was still looking for a black source, didn’t draw one, and ended his turn. Elvish Soultiller gave Mowshowitz a beatdown creature, and Shvartsman played a Hivemaster of his own.

Mowshowitz: “Fine, make me think!”
Shvartsman: “Thinking is good.”

Thanks to a Husk and the Soultiller, Mowshowitz was able to attack favorably. The Husk was unblocked and could have been pumped to lethal damage, but Mowshowitz realized he would be walking right into Smother. Instead, he sacrificed the Herald to the Husk, getting Birchlore Rangers. Shvartsman Smothered the Husk before damage, to the surprise of no one. Mowshowitz played Fallen Angel along with Birchlore Rangers, and Shvartsman answered back with his own Angel. Mowshowitz took his turn, sacrificed some Heralds to his Angel, and attacked. It butted heads with Shvartsman’s Angel, and after damage went on the stack, Mowshowitz used Caller of the Claw to produce plenty of bears and make his Angel big enough to live and attack for the win on the next turn. When it came, Mowshowitz drew Verdant Succession, which got a sarcastic “That was necessary!” out of Justin Gary.

Shvartsman- 1 Mowshowitz- 2

Alex Shvartsman

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Zvi Mowshowitz

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