Round 3: Chris Kelly vs. Blake Edmondson

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By Toby Wachter

Chris Kelly vs. Blake Edmondson

Game 1

Blake played first, and mulliganed his opening hand. He stayed at six cards, Chris mulliganed as well. Blake played two plains and a second turn Scroll Rock, while Chris played a Flood Plains and a Volcanic Island. He searched out a Savannah on end step, and played Impulse. A second Volcanic Island followed, and Chris ended his turn, sitting back on untapped countermagic mana. During his end step, Blake tapped a Forest and activated Scroll Rack, manipulating his deck. He then untapped and ended his turn, and Chris played Disenchant on the Scroll Rack. A Force of Will fight resulted, which Chris won.

Blake drew and was stuck at three lands, while Chris increased his hand size with Fact or Fiction. The piles presented were Counterspell/Wasteland and Force of Will/Faerie Conclave/Flood Plain. Chris took the three card pile and untapped, playing a Faerie Conclave. Blake drew and was still stuck at three lands, so he simply ended his turn. The Conclave was now active and ready to attack, and it came through the air for two points of damage. This continued for a few turns, with the Conclave attacking on each of Chris' turns, and Blake stuck at three mana, waiting to draw a fourth.

Chris Kelly

However, the fourth land was taking quite some time to make its way to Blake's hand, as he was forced to discard every turn, showing plenty of Blue cards that he could not play with the two plains and forest he had. A Gaea's Blessing resolved to shuffle some of the discarded cards back, but Blake still couldn't find another land. The game reached a point that saw Blake go down to one from the Conclave, only to draw the Wasteland to eliminate it. However, Chris summoned Morphling on the following turn, giving him the game.

Kelly- 1 Edmondson- 0

Game 2

Once again Blake played first, and had a Thawing Glaciers to help prevent the mana screw he had to endure in the previous game. A Tundra followed, and Blake got to work fetching lands as he searched out an island. He then used a Wasteland to take out one of Chris' lands, bringing him down to one mana source. Chris responded with an Impulse, and played a second land on his turn. A second Thaw appeared on Blake's side soon, giving him an advantage in this slow control on control match. Both players are usually very hesitant to cast spells in this matchup, since the opponent is likely to have countermagic. Plus, tapping out leaves you vulnerable to the other player's spells. This makes Thawing Glaciers excellent, since it allows a player to gain the advantage of not missing land drops, along with the benefit of deck thinning; all with no risk involved.

Blake Edmondson

While Blake was Thawing away, Chris went into beatdown mode with a Treetop Village, giving him a damage clock. Blake used Swords to Plowshares to eliminate the threat, which resulted in a counterwar that Blake won. The next turn saw Chris go all out and summon Morphling, which Blake Counterspelled. To follow up, Blake untapped and played a threat: Kjeldoran Outpost. Chris then played a second Morphling, which resulted in a counterwar that he won. The Morphling vs. Outpost race was now on, and the winner was going to be the Morphling unless Blake could find an answer to "Superman".

But as is the case with Morphling, five damage a turn leaves you with very little time to find an answer. To make things even worse, Chris used a Wasteland to eliminate Blake's Outpost. With defeat approaching, Blake tried to kill off the Morphling with Wrath of God, and Chris responded with Fact or Fiction. The piles made were Force of Will, and Pyroblast/Mana Leak/Counterspell and Island in the other. Blake didn't want to give Chris Force of Will, which would allow him to save the Morphling. After some thought, Chris took the four card pile. This was a solid play, as Chris now played the third Morphling of the game, and was sitting back on plenty of countermagic thanks to the four card Fact or Fiction. The card advantage gained was too great, and Blake conceded.

Final Result: Kelly- 2 Edmondson- 0

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