Round 3 Feature Match: Janosch Kühn vs. Jens Petersen

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By by Kim Eikefet

Janosch Kühn is a player that doesn't need an introduction in the Magic environment. After two rounds of play, he was undefeated, and he was paired up against the more unknown Jens Petersen. Peterson hails from Munich. The 30-year-old player qualified for the German Nationals on rating, and he has played in three Pro Tours; 2000 Team Pro Tour New York, 2000 Pro Tour Chicago and 2001 Pro Tour Barcelona.

Game 1

Janosch won the coin toss, and he chose to play first. He got a no-land hand and naturally chose to mulligan. Jens drew a hand that was rather impressive for a draft deck: three forests, a Shivan Wurm, a Fires of Yavimaya, an Armadillo Cloak and a Canopy Surge.

Janosch kept his second hand and started playing lands. Jens played a turn two Thornscape Familiar, while Janosch got out a Shoreline Raider. The two players traded creatures during the following attack. Jens then played yet another Thornscape Familiar. During his fifth turn, Janosch cast Faerie Squadron with kicker. Jens failed to draw a fourth land, and so he could do nothing but say "go" while Janosch started attacking with his big flyer.

Janosch then cast Probe with kicker, discarding a Sunscape Apprentice and a Stormscape Familiar. Jens thought for a while. Then he discarded Darigaaz's Charm and Fires of Yavimaya. Still, he failed to draw a fourth land, and so he attacked with his Familiar and played a Quirion Sentinel to get the red mana he needed to play a Horned Kavu. Janosch then played a Vodalian Serpent with kicker before Jens drew his fourth land - a plains.

With four mana available, Jens chose to play Canopy Surge with kicker to get rid of the Faerie Squadron. Then, Janosch played a Hunting Drake and returned the Horned Kavu to the top of Jens's library. Jens played a Benalish Trapper. Then he pulled the same Sentinel/Kavu trick as earlier in the game.

Janosch attacked with his Hunting Drake to bring Jens down to eight life. He then played Nightscape Familiar before Agonizing Demising the Benalish Trapper. Jens tapped his library for luck, but still he couldn't draw that mountain he needed. So he played a Nomadic Elf instead.

A Metathran Zombie came into play on Janosch's side of the table. Jens then drew and played Harrow, getting that red mana into play along with a swamp that made Janosch go "Hm?" Still, the Hunting Drake kept attacking, and Jens was down to four life.

Jens could finally play his Shivan Wurm, obviously thinking about Cloaking it up in order to make a comeback in the game. But an Annihilate stopped that from happening, and the Hunting Drake took him down to two life. So he had to Cloak up the Kavu instead - but Janosch had a Recoil and the game was over.

Kühn 1 - Petersen 0

Game 2

Both players kept their opening hands in the second game, and Jens dropped a turn one mountain, Thornscape Apprentice. Then, the Horned Kavu came into play, while Janosch played his Nightscape Familiar. The Horned Kavu started attacking, and Janosch mumbled something about beatdown.

Jens had a great start, and a Fires of Yavimaya came into play during his third turn. With red, white and green mana available he played a Quirion Sentinel, calling red. He then played the Thunderscape Apprentice and a Yavimaya Barbarian and attacked with the Horned Kavu and the Barbarian. Janosch blocked the Kavu with his Familiar and regenerated.

Janosch, desperately needing a defense, played a Hunting Drake, returning the Horned Kavu to the top of Jens's library. Jens pondered for a while. Then he recast his Horned Kavu, returning the Quirion Sentinel to his hand. He recast the Sentinel calling green, using the mana to give the Sentinel +1/+1. Then, he attacked with his Kavu, the Sentinel and the Yavimaya Barbarian. Janosch chose to block and kill the sentinel.

Jens played a Thornscape Familiar. Then he attacked with his Familiar, the Kavu and the Barbarian, holding the Apprentice back so that he could use its pumping ability. Janosch Annihilated the Horned Kavu, but still he took four damage from the two other creatures, going down to four life. In need of blockers, Janosch played a Stormscape Familiar and a Phyrexian Reaper. He held one white mana open. Then he passed priority.

Jens thought for a while during his turn. Then he played a Benalish Trapper. He had no white mana available, but the extra attacker made it possible for him to attack for the victory - unless Janosch had some way of preventing the damage. However, he didn't attack with all four creatures. Instead, he chose to hold the Apprentice back while sending the other three creatures over.

Now it was Janosch's turn to think. He eventually chose to block the Trapper with his Nightscape Familiar, the Thornscape Familiar with his Stormscape Familiar and the Barbarian on the Reaper. Jens pumped his Familiar and sacrificed the Fires to save the Barbarian. "No Pollen Remedy," Jens said, relieved. Left without any creatures on the table, Janosch scooped.

Kühn 1 - Petersen 1

Game 3

Janosch chose to play in the third game, and he kept his opening hand with three lands and the Pollen Remedy Jens had feared in the previous game. Meanwhile, Jens chose to mulligan. His second hand wasn't good either, and so he had to mulligan yet again. Fortunately, he could keep his third hand. "I've won a game after double mulliganing, so I'm not worried," he claimed.

Janosch got out a turn two Crimson Acolyte, and Jens answered by playing a Thornscape Familiar. Then, Janosch played a Riptide Crab that caused a displeased exclamation from Jens, who used his turn to cast Fires of Yavimaya.

The Riptide Crab started attacking, and Janosch played a Lashknife Barrier as well, making Jens shake his head. The Horned Kavu that he then played didn't feel like attacking even though it had haste, and so Jens passed priority.

"Ulp," Jens said when Janosch put a Sleeper's Robe on the Riptide Crab. Suddenly, Janosch started drawing a lot of cards. Jens got out an Alpha Kavu, but it didn't help a lot. And on the other side of the table, Janosch started building his army.

Jens recast his Thornscape Familiar, but he still couldn't get through the defense on the other side of the table. Janosch kept drawing cards from the Robed Crab, and he drew even more by casting Probe with kicker, discarding two extra lands. Jens discarded a Halam Djinn, then an Armadillo Cloak. Janosch played a Sunscape Familiar as well before ending his turn.

Jens didn't do a lot during his turns. Meanwhile, a Stormscape Familiar gave Janosch another flyer that could speed up his attack, and a he also played a Benalish Heralds that would let him draw even more cards. Jens made one last attempt to get back into the game. He cast Nemata, Grove Guardian and passed priority. But when Janosch showed him the Annihilate, Jens extended his hand and ended the match.

Final Result: Kühn 2 - Petersen 1

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