Round 3 Feature Match: Matt Cory (Academy Games) vs. Anthony Ramasami (JD’Z Gaming Supply)

Posted in Event Coverage on July 18, 2003

By Eugene Zolotuskiy

Game 1

Ramasami was playing MBC, while Cory was playing a Master Apothecary Cleric deck.

After being on the receiving end of a few beats from a Zombie token, and a Beloved Chaplain, Ramasami had seen enough and Mutilated, resetting the board. Cory was determined to bring the pressure to finish off Ramasami before he got control of the board, and brought out a Master Apothecary and a Beloved Chaplain.

On his turn Ramasami Tutored for a Visara and cast her next turn, clinging to 12 life. Cory played an Exalted Angel face down and passed the turn. Ramasami Corrupted the Master Apothecary, went up to 15 and passed the turn.

Cory continued to hound Ramasami with his Beloved Chaplain, which the Visara was unable to block. Ramasami kept cycling the gladiator looking for a kill card, meanwhile attacking with his Visara. Cory was down to 9 life from the Visara, and Ramasami holding 2 Corrupts in his hand, finished off his opponent.

Ramasami 1 – Cory 0

Ramasami -3 duress –1 mind sludge, +2 persecute +1 Engineered Plague, +1 Echoes.
Cory –4 Master, -3 Planar Guides, -2 Smother, -1 Benevolent Bodyguard. +2 Reprisal, +4 True believers, +2 Oversold Cemeteries, +1 Ray of revelations, +1 Daru Sanctifier.

Game 2

Ramasami seemedmana screwed, looking for a third swamp, but managed to stave off disaster by Smothering an Exalted Angel in its morph form. Cory played two Glorious Anthems, to which Ramasami can only say “Wow, you’re going to have HUGE creatures.” True Believer joined Cory’s team as a 4/4 to which Ramasami just played a Visara, which fell victim to a well-placed Reprisal. Ramasami tried to get out of the jam with Mutilate; Cory in response used the Starlight Sanctum to bring Ramasami’s life total down to 12.

Ramasami Corrupted Cory, going up to 15 life, and a double Smother got rid of 2 Benevolent Bodyguards, one of which went to the head for 3 damage, with the help of a Starlit Sanctum. Ramasami cycled a few times at the beginning of his upkeep with the Undead Gladiator, finally getting a much needed Mutilate, and killed Cory’s Rotlung Reanimator. After playing a Mirari, Ramasami double Diabolic Tutored and reset the board with another Mutilate, putting Cory’s plans of victory temporarily on hold. On his turn Ramasami played the Corrupted for the win with the Mirari which he took out with his second Diabolic Tutor last turn.

“Great playing,” said Cory to Ramasami. “With playing like that you will be in the Pro Tour in no time,” he added.

Ramasami 2 – Cory 0

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