Round 3 Feature Match: Pat Chapin vs. Dave Williams

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By Adrian Sullivan

Pat Chapin vs. Dave Williams

Chapin's recent return to Magic was widely celebrated by the players on the Tour. The flamboyant player had taken a break from the game for over a year, and returned in 2000 for Pro Tour New York. Known for his creative deckbuilding, Pat's deck for this Pro-Tour was a bit more reserved. His 3-color Crosis Control deck (dubbed 'Lake Drain 2001) was played by fellow Michagan Player Eric 'edt' Taylor. His opponent, Dave Williams, was playing a Black/Red control deck, splashing Green to power the Thunderscape Battlemage's destroy enchantment ability.

The first game started slowly. Williams dropped several Nightscape Familiars and a Ravenous Rats, and Chapin's board accumulated land. Williams returned his lone Swamp with his Darigaaz Caldera, and on the next turn, dropped an Urborg Volcano. At the end of Williams' turn, Chapin Recoiled Williams' Caldera, and on his own turn Voided for two. Williams board was swept clear, and his hand depleted to a sole card.

After the Void, Williams lost a Crypt Angel to an Urza's Rage (returning nothing), had a Thunderscape Battlemage Undermined, and sat for several turns laying only land. Chapin used the time to build up land, and eventually lay his Yawgmoth's Agenda.

Williams waited out the Agenda, and soon Pat's graveyard was mostly empty, left with only a single Urza's Rage after Williams drew out Pat's Undermine with a Crypt Angel. Pat the used his Urza's Rage to bring Williams from 11 to 1. Four turns passed with almost nothing happening. Williams was looking for any kind of pressure. As the turns pass, he complains that nearly any threat on the table would end the game.

Williams finally makes his move with a Thunderscape Battlemage with Kicker for discard (pointedly not killing the Agenda) and a Bog Down with Kicker, leaving Pat with only a single card in hand.

Dave Williams

Pat draws a Crosis and laid it on the table, but Williams attacked with a Battlemage, bluffing a Ghitu Fire. Knowing he would die if Williams has the Ghitu Fire, Pat blocks with Crosis, and Williams Flametongue Kavu'd the Crosis to kill it. Pat needs something to get out of this situation.

Pat drew Urza's Rage. After 10 quick damage to the head, they moved on to the next game.

As the two sideboard, Williams talked with frustration about his heavy land draw, finally joking that his complaining was likely to make him mulligan a light land hand.

He couldn't have been more right.

Williams triple mulliganed before finally settling on a 1 land hand.

On turn three, Williams played his next land (a second Mountain), and followed it up in the next two turns with another Mountain, and then a Swamp. Chapin had been developing his own mana, but had yet to cast a spell. With the first swamp, Williams attempted to Addle, but was Undermined. He then followed up with a Blazing Specter, which was also Undermined, and finally on the next turn, cast Bog Down. In response, Chapin played Fact or Fiction and chose two Yawgmoth's Agenda over Urza's Rage and two land.

Pat Chapin

Chapin went hunting with a Void for five, getting none of Dave's cards, but then lost two of his own cards to Dave's Thunderscape Battlemage. Chapin dropped the Agenda to recover from the discard, and Williams peeled Skizzik off the top of the deck, attacking to bring Chapin to 13.

The next few turns were not good to Williams, as Chapin's abundant graveyard tore away at his permanents. A second Fact or Fiction gave Chapin two more Recoils to join Chapin's one in the grave, and Williams scooped when Chapin started hitting his red sources.

"That game would have been mine if I could have drawn three more cards," snarled an angry Williams.

Final Result: Chapin 2 - Williams 0

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