Round 3 Feature Match: Raphael Levy (France) vs. Eric Taylor (USA)

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By Andrew Stokinger

Raphael Levy vs. Eric Taylor

Raphael is playing a standard red/black deck, with Terminate in the main deck. Eric is playing a Blue/Black/Red deck with the red splashed for Crosis and Void. The advantage in this matchup might go Eric, because Raphael has dead cards against Eric, namely the Flametongue Kavus and Terminates.

Raphael won the flip and played first.

The Game started off with Raphael dropping a Nightscape Familiar turn 2, attacking and dropping a Pyre Zombie turn 3. Raphael attacked turn 4, and at the end of turn, Eric Recoils an Urborg Volcano. Raphael discarded a Terminate to the Recoil. Raphael attacked again and replays the Volcano. Raphael attacked again putting Eric to 10 life. Eric Opted, puts the card he saw on the bottom, took a Lobotomy and cast it. Raphael responded by casting Ghitu Fire as a instant so Eric can't take away his Ghitu Fires with the Lobotomy. Eric saw Void, Blazing Specter and Flametongue Kavu, and took the Blazing Specter. Raphael attacked again putting Eric to four life. Raphael then cast a Flametongue Kavu targeting his own Nightscape Familiar and then regenerated it. Eric Recoiled the Pyre Zombie on his main phase, forcing Raphael to discard a Mountain. Raphael attacked, Eric responded by casting Malice on his Flametongue Kavu. Eric took one from the Familiar going to 3 life. Raphael recast the Pyre Zombie and passed the turn. Eric drew and scooped his cards when Raphael attacked the next turn. Raphael sided out three cards for three Crypt Angel, while Eric only sideboarded three cards. The entire first game Eric did not see any of his red mana.

Eric chose to play game two. He mulliganed his first hand. After looking at his second hand, he sits and thought for a minute. "Not looking good over here" commented Eric before thinking for another minute and taking his second mulligan. Raphael mulliganed a hand of 2 mountains 2 Crypt Angels, a Flametongue Kavu and two Ghitu Fires. Both players only play land for the first three turns. Turn 4 Raphael played an Urborg Volcano instead of playing a Blasting Specter. Eric played a Lobotomy on his turn seeing a Blazing Specter, Void, Ghitu Fire, and three land. Eric took the Blazing Specter. Raphael Voided for three, forcing Eric to discard a Undermine and getting to see Crosis, Disrupt, and Yawgmoth's Agenda. After another two turns of each player playing land Raphael drew and played a Pyre Zombie. Then, Raphael attacked putting Eric to 18. Eric stopped and thought at the end of his turn, then cast Recoil on an Urborg Volcano, casting a Disrupt on his own spell and paying the one mana so that he could draw a card. Raphael discarded the Urborg Volcano looking at the mountain still in his hand. Eric had the choice at this point to cast Crosis, Fact of Fiction, or Yawgmoth's Agenda. Eric untapped and cast Crosis. At the end of turn, Raphael Terminated the Crosis. Raphael then topdecked a Skizzik and played it with the kicker cost. He attacked, putting Eric to 11 life. Eric then cast his Fact or Fiction during his main phase and the piles Raphael made were Void, Fact or Fiction, and Flametongue Kavu/Opt and Undermine. Raphael stopped and thought about it, then declare those to be the piles. Eric chose the first pile and passed the turn with 2 land untapped. Raphael attacked putting Eric to four life, then showed Ghitu Fire in his hand and Eric scooped his cards. After the match, both players were friendly and discussed their mulligans. Eric questioned his play when he cast the Crosis. He thought that he had screwed up that play. Both players shook hands and packed up their cards.

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