Round 3: Jon Finkel vs. Zach Parker

Posted in Event Coverage on May 8, 2003

By Toby Wachter

Zach Parker has been nicknamed "The Babyfaced Assassin", and for good reason. Despite being just fifteen years old, he can play with the best and doesn't hesitate to spit out some not-so-friendly banter while playing. His opponent needs no introduction, although this weekend it's simply a matter of which Jon has shown up to Tokyo. Is it the player who seems to not care about the game anymore, or the Finkeltron of old that reemerged to a Top 4 finish at Chicago?

Parker- "Good luck Jon"

Finkel- "You too."

(They shake hands)

Finkel- "I hope you get land screwed."

Parker- "Same to you."

Game 1

Glowering Rogon
Parker had a turn two Wretched Anurid, while Finkel cycled Slipstream Eel and Backslide to make his third land drop, and used Choking Tethers to tap down the Anurid for a turn. Parker summoned Severed Legion, which died right away to Shock, and Finkel played Mistform Dreamer. The Anurid attacked for three, and was joined by Snarling Undorak. Finkel played a morph and ended his turn, leaving Mistform Dreamer back. His team double blocked Undorak, and Smother was used before combat to take out the Dreamer; the morph creature turned out to be Wall of Deceit and got to live, and Parker seemed unhappy with his mistake. Finkel improved his board a bit with Mistform Seaswift, The Undorak and Anurid attacked, and the wall blocked one. Glowering Rogon came down as a 6/6, and Finkel played two morphs. Parker's beast team attacked- Seaswift blocked the Undorak, and the Wall blocked the Anurid. The Seaswift died, and Finkel took six damage from the Rogon.

Finkel untapped and said go, staying back on his morphs and untapped mana. On Parker's turn he unmorphed Chromeshell Crab, taking the 6/6 Rogon and giving Parker a morph. This was good enough to slow down the assault for a bit, as Parker summoned Hundroog and ended his turn. Finkel stabilized the board a little more, bringing out a pair of morphs. Just the Hundroog attacked, and traded with the Rogon when the Crab teamed up to block it. Finkel flipped over Ascending Aven and sent it to the Red Zone, bringing Parker down to five life.

Faced with an aerial clock that would beat him in two turns (possibly one due to Wretched Anurid), Parker went all out and attacked with his team. The Crab blocked the Undorak, the Wall blocked the Anurid and a morph creature blocked Parker's morph creature. Finkel's morph turned up to reveal Battering Craghorn, and Parker conceded.

Finkel- 1 Parker- 0

Lavamancer's Skill
Parker- "Good luck. That was a really good game."

Finkel- "Especially because I won."

Game 2

Parker had Taunting Elf and Wellwisher out by turn two, but missed his third land drop. Finkel's morph creature (Skirk Commando) died right away to Smother, but Finkel came right back on the next turn with Imagecrafter and a morph creature. Parker was still looking for his third land, and was doing nothing but gaining two life a turn. Lavamancer's Skill went on Finkel's morph creature, and shot down Parker's team. Crested Craghorn attacked with the Imagecrafter, while Parker could only muster Wretched Anurid. The morph flipped over to reveal Echo Tracer, and Covert Operative followed.

Parker- "That can't be good for the home team."
Finkel- "I am the home team."

Final Result: Finkel- 2 Parker- 0

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