Round 3: Marcio Carvalho vs. Tiago Chan

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By Rui Oliveira

Marcio Carvalho

On one side a Portuguese player with a long string of Pro Tour qualifications while on the other side... well, one of the youngest and noisiest players in Portugal. After a hundred jokes about pink sleeves and rankings, the round got under way (not before Chan asked to send a kiss to someone called Andreia). Done deal.

Game 1

After a rather lengthy deck check the game finally started. They both knew what the other was playing, since they play in the same store all year long. A first turn Land Grant revealed two Sleight of Hands, Swords, Force of Will and Mystic Enforcer.

Marcio: "That's an ugly hand."

A Goblin Patrol showed up on Marcio's first turn while Chan used various card-drawing spells to improve his hand. A Sword took care of the Patrol and Chan launched into his usual barrage of constant "How many cards in hand?" before playing a Werebear.

The MegaBear died before it could reach threshold and another Land Grant showed Marcio another Swords, Daze and the Force. That got some loud comments for the Sligh player.

With six cards in the graveyard Chan went for it: Enforcer. Marcio tried to Incinerate it. Chan Forced it but Carvalho really wanted to kill the Enforcer and was ready to sacrifice two Mountains to Fireblast it.

Chan stared at his deck and called "Enforcer". Promptly the Enforcer showed up on the next draw.

Chan: "That was a good top deck!"
Marcio: "You lucky dog! I cannot believe that!"

The little Carvalho tried to race the huge Enforcer but a Wild Mongrel showed up to make it crystal clear he had no chance of outracing the Threshold monster.

Marcio: "I have so many cards to side in against you. What a top deck, right Chan?" His opponent just smiled and kept on shuffling.

Tiago 1-0 Marcio

Game 2

"Mountain, Pup" is the way Sligh likes to start and that was exactly what Marcio did. He then top-decked a Wasteland to take out a Flood Plain before playing a second Pup.

Tiago: "Now that's a problem."
Chan played his second, and last, land to Brainstorm but despite his handful of green spells could only find a second Tundra.

Marcio: "May I spank you now?"

That was nothing compare to the noise he made when he top-decked the second Wasteland before playing a Goblin Patrol. Chan used a Land Grant to find a green mana source, showing Werebear, Wild Mongrel, Sleight Of Hand, Mystic Enforcer and Brainstorm.

The three monsters charged in before a Fanatic joined the party. Chan was now at eight and had to take quite a while to come up with an escape plan on the next turn. He dropped a Wild Mongrel.

A top-decked Price Of Progress gave Marcio Carvalho two different ways of killing his opponent on the next turn. It was fast, it was bloodied and it was all about the Wastelands.

Tiago 1-1 Marcio

Marcio: "Sligh is soooo sweet when you draw the Wastelands."

Game 3

A hand full of lands and a Price of Progress gave Marcio food for thought before he decided to keep his hand. He Wastelanded a Tropical before finding a creature: Mogg Fanatic.

A Land Grant gave us all a look at Chan's hand: Winter Orb, Brainstorm, Quirion Dryad, Werebear, Land Grant and Hydroblast. Marcio blew away the newly arrived Dryad with the Fanatic and did a four point Price of Progress.

Tiago Chan

He was now officially down to a Mogg Fanatic in hand. The steam had ran off and Chan had his chance to fight back for control of the game, and the match. He Brainstormed and Land Granted rebuilding his mana base and showing two Hydroblasts.

Suddenly the Sligh player was very quiet. The Orb came out locking the mana and Marcio dropped a Fanatic and a topdecked Pup. He followed that with a Patrol after Chan blew away his Pup.

The Patrol quickly died as well, as Tiago Chan fought to stop the bleeding. Another Pup made into play and Chan dropped a huge MegaBear.

Marcio: "Deck, you know what I want."

Whatever it was all he got was a Seal of Fire. He played it and lost the Pup during combat (trading it and the Seal for the Bear). At twelve life it appeared Tiago finally controlled the game. Another Land Grant revealed three Quirion Dryads while Chan moaned that he really wanted a Gush.

A Sleight of Hand gave him a Swords over a Mystic Enforcer. With one Pyroblasts in hand Marcio watched as the MegaBear kept on swinging. A Fireblast took care of it.

Chan (looking at the deck): "Enforcer!"

Again the threshold menace was sitting right there on top of the library. It was more than Marcio could fight again.

Final Result: Tiago 2-1 Marcio

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