Round 3 Results

Posted in Event Coverage on December 18, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

Afro-Cuban RhythmTeam CowWon, 2-1
Aixelsyd MaetPotato NationWon, 2-0
All-Star Simpson Defense TeaTeam Shut Yo Mouth!!Won, 2-1
American BeautyKamikaze Matt'sWon, 2-1
Apac NationTeam One-Twenty SoulLost, 0-2
Bentley Renunion TourTeam TaintWon, 2-1
Billy. TeamTeam SheetzWon, 2-1
Bloated ToadTeam 6$ Sub 2Won, 2-0
Bolting SoulsFear and Loathing in NYWon, 2-1
Bunch O NutsChina CatLost, 0-2
Car Acrobatic TeamPotato HeadsLost, 1-2
China CatBunch O NutsWon, 2-0
Dark Side of the MoonThe Bedell FamilyWon, 2-1
Egghead GamesFive LegsWon, 2-1
Fatsoono TeamOld Man and His MinionsLost, 1-2
Fear and Loathing in NYBolting SoulsLost, 1-2
Five LegsEgghead GamesLost, 1-2
Fleur de LysThe Fix Is InWon, 2-1
Forbidden DonutSufficiently RandomizedLost, 0-2
FTL TeamPam and the Fuzzy BunnieWon, 2-1
Gas, Inc.Suspicion Breeds ConfidenceLost, 0-2
Gazebo SlayersTeam QCJWon, 2-0
God's PizzaJust For MenLost, 1-2
Golden GuysLords of the UnderworldLost, 1-2
Huey, Ben, and CaseyYour Move GamesLost, 0-2
Insufficient RandomizationThat's Armageddon, Baby!Won, 2-1
Just For MenGod's PizzaWon, 2-1
Kamikaze Matt'sAmerican BeautyLost, 1-2
Kryptonite Team RamenLost, 0-2
Look Out BelloTeam XanaduWon, 2-1
Lords of the UnderworldGolden GuysWon, 2-1
Low ExpectationsTwo Lawyers and a LeiherLost, 0-2
Nasty ButlerV Won, 2-0
New Big DogsTeam CerebusWon, 2-0
Old Man and His MinionsFatsoono TeamWon, 2-1
Ox Really RottensLost, 0-2
Pam and the Fuzzy BunnieFTL TeamLost, 1-2
Pittsburgh BlueShort BusLost, 0-2
Potato HeadsCar Acrobatic TeamWon, 2-1
Potato NationAixelsyd MaetLost, 0-2
Really RottensOx Won, 2-0
Roll and TackThe Nameless OnesWon, 2-0
Rug DoctorsTeam AntarcticaLost, 1-2
Short BusPittsburgh BlueWon, 2-0
Sufficiently RandomizedForbidden DonutWon, 2-0
Suspicion Breeds ConfidenceGas, Inc.Won, 2-0
Team 6$ Sub 2Bloated ToadLost, 0-2
Team AntarcticaRug DoctorsWon, 2-1
Team BellsTeam DieselLost, 0-2
Team Bread DeliveryThree CheatersWon, 2-1
Team CerebusNew Big DogsLost, 0-2
Team ChimeraThe Amish MobLost, 1-2
Team CowAfro-Cuban RhythmLost, 1-2
Team DieselTeam BellsWon, 2-0
Team GoldfishTeam TwoLost, 1-2
Team GrrrrrThe FixWon, 2-1
Team JankTeam OutpostWon, 2-1
Team One-Twenty SoulApac NationWon, 2-0
Team OutpostTeam JankLost, 1-2
Team ParadoxTeam WorkLost, 0-2
Team QCJGazebo SlayersLost, 0-2
Team RamenKryptonite Won, 2-0
Team ShadyTLF SpawnWon, 2-0
Team SheetzBilly. TeamLost, 1-2
Team ShephardTenacious D 3DLost, 1-2
Team Shut Yo Mouth!!All-Star Simpson Defense TeaLost, 1-2
Team StruzzinTN ConnectionLost, 1-2
Team TaintBentley Renunion TourLost, 1-2
Team TwoTeam GoldfishWon, 2-1
Team WassabiThe Fighting TunaDrew, 1-1
Team WorkTeam ParadoxWon, 2-0
Team XanaduLook Out BelloLost, 1-2
Tenacious D 3DTeam ShephardWon, 2-1
That's Armageddon, Baby!Insufficient RandomizationLost, 1-2
The Amish MobTeam ChimeraWon, 2-1
The Bedell FamilyDark Side of the MoonLost, 1-2
The Fighting TunaTeam WassabiDrew, 1-1
The FixTeam GrrrrrLost, 1-2
The Fix Is InFleur de LysLost, 1-2
The Mountain YetisTwo Yanks and a CanuckLost, 0-2
The Nameless OnesRoll and TackLost, 0-2
Three CheatersTeam Bread DeliveryLost, 1-2
TLF SpawnTeam ShadyLost, 0-2
TN ConnectionTeam StruzzinWon, 2-1
Two Lawyers and a LeiherLow ExpectationsWon, 2-0
Two Yanks and a CanuckThe Mountain YetisWon, 2-0
V Nasty ButlerLost, 0-2
Your Move GamesHuey, Ben, and CaseyWon, 2-0

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