Round 3: Scott Richards vs. Tom van de Logt

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Alex Shvartsman

Game 1

Richards won the die roll, prompting the world champion to play first. Van de Logt summoned Sarcomancy, but it could only attack every other turn as Richards brought Teferi's Pet Serpent into play. Van de Logt built up a better force on the ground and was able to attack on those turns when the 3/3 Serpent was tapped out. However, Richards got a pair of flying 1/1 creatures out and was able to deal two damage every single turn.

Richards was paying for putting three colors into his deck - he did not draw any Swamps and was forced to hold several cards he could not cast, in a format where players could often empty out their hand by turn 4. Richards was forced to put all of his hopes into a Shrieking Drake he enchanted with Briar Shield. Van de Logt used Erase on the Shield and then shot the Drake with Javelineer in response to Richards' trying to sacrifice it for a +3/+3 effect. Left with very few permanents, and facing a force of seven creatures, Richards conceded the game.

Game 2

South American player took the initiative in the second game. He summoned a first turn Carnophage and a second turn Cloud Sprite. Van de Logt's Legionnaire was removed with Nasty Spite and he was left with nothing but a Tragic Poet. Van de Logt was holding four black cards, but he only drew Plains. Richards' draw was extremely fast and unforgiving, evening the game score before his opponent would have a chance to recover.

Game 3

Both players got awful draws in the final game. Richards played out a turn 1 Cloud Sprite and hit Van de Logt with it for a while. However, his only lands were a pair of Islands and he had no other creatures he could summon. Van de Logt played out four lands in a row, but drew no creatures at all except for Circling Vultures. It was so bad, Van de Logt cast his Capashen Standard on the opposing Sprite just so he could sacrifice it and draw a card.

Nomads en-Kor finally entered play to fight on the Dutchman's side of the table. This gave Richards a chance to cast his Essence Flare, to take out the critter on next upkeep, and Van de Logt used Hope Charm to destroy the Flare. Richards went on to Intervene a Cursed Flesh targeting his Sprite. Thus, both players got several cards out of their hands without actually changing anything on the table.

Van de Logt was finally able to cast Nasty Spite on the Sprite, going down to eleven life. His Nomads were enchanted with Sadistic Glee, and became 2/2. Sewer Rat joined the Nomads and the two creatures literally did eighteen points of damage to Richards, who failed to draw another land for several more turns, then could not muster up the defense quickly enough off a Swamp he drew to cast an all-black hand.

Van de Logt was paying a lot of life to pump the Sewer Rats and his life total was diminished early on by the Sprite. His plan was to tap out whatever creature Richards summoned next with a Paralyze, but he did not expect what Richards would do next turn. Richards cast not one, but three creatures. He summoned Circling Vultures, then Reanimated the Sprite, cast Shrieking Drake returning the Sprite to his hand and finally re-cast it.

Van de Logt did Paralyze the Vebulid and then attacked with his other two creatures, forcing Richards to trade two for two, making the Nomads much larger, and preventing his opponent from being able to attack with flyers for the win next turn. Richards failed to draw an answer on the following turn, finally ending this unfortunate duel.

Final Result: Van de Logt 2 - Richards 1

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