Round 3: Zvi Mowshowitz vs. Mike Pustilnik

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By Randy Buehler

Zvi Mowshowitz vs. Mike Pustilnik

Zvi Mowshowitz came into this Masters very confident in his understanding of Odyssey booster draft. He credits his participation in the Magic Online beta test with giving him lots of opportunities to practice drafting his favorite deck - hyper-aggressive red-green. Zvi already had to play one friend and long-time teammate when he beat Alan Comer in the first round. In the quarterfinals he found himself squaring off against another - Mike Pustilnik. PT-LA champion Pustilnik doesn't get a lot of credit, but what he does do is keep on winning. Yesterday he drafted red-white with four Chainflingers and advanced to the quarters.

When Pustilnik added a mountain to a board that already included forests, Zvi called him a traitor. Doctor P smiled and just continued bashing with Wild Mongrels. Zvi had been unable to draft the red-green deck he wanted. With no red cards available to draft - not even the bad ones that are actually the key to his deck-Zvi was forced to draft green-black. Pustilik, on the other side of the table, went green early and then kept getting passed red cards so he eventually switched in and added some red card to his green-white deck.

Zvi Mowshowitzk

Pustilnik's pair of Wild Mongrels beat Zvi down to 7 before Zvi's Beast Attack threatened to stabilize the board. Pustilnik had the old Wild Mongrel - Roar of the Wurm combo and soon he had the biggest token in play at 6/6. Zvi proceeded to top-deck a Crypt Creeper the turn after Pustilnik flashed his Wurm into play. Ouch. Pustilnik then used Shelter to save his Wurm while killing Zvi's Beast when Zvi gang-blocked. Things just got worse for Zvi from there as he morosely drew land off the top of his deck while Doctor P built up to threshold and played out Springing Tiger and Werebear. Pustilnik didn't press his advantage for several turns, instead waiting until his tiger and bear went large. Zvi groaned when Pustilnik discarded his 3rd Wild Mongrel to the first one, saying "I guess this just wasn't my draft." One attack phase later Zvi was put out of his misery an Pustilnik apologized for not figuring out how to kill him sooner.

Mike Pustilnik

Zvi got off to a better start in game 2 - nailing a Leaf Dancer with an Innocent Blood, then playing a Dancer of his own. Unfortunately for Zvi, he hen stumbled on land and could do nothing but put squirrels into play while Pustilnik played out much better creatures, like Springing Tiger, Nantuko Disciple, and then Roar of the Wurm. Twice. Zvi's only chance as to enchant his Leaf Dancer with Seton's Desire and try to chump block long enough to deal lethal damage. The caustic tar that was in his hand could help this plan out if only he could draw land, or Zvi could draw a Morbid Hunger off the top. Pustilnik drew the land he needed for Volley of Boulders and suddenly all of Zvi's plans just didn't matter.

Final Result: Pustilnik 2 - Mowshowitz 0

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