Round 4: Ben Caless vs. Mike Canu

Posted in Event Coverage on May 2, 2003

By Toby Wachter

Mike Canu had a second day performance at Pro Tour Venice, and is a former Raw Deal World Champion. Yesterday, Caless won the second NEC Qualifier, and has obviously let that momentum carry him through today, where he is undefeated so far.

Game 1

Canu opened with Basking Rootwalla, while Caless had Grim Lavamancer. The Rootwalla attacked for a point of damage, and was followed by Merfolk Looter. When the Looter became active it discarded Deep Analysis, which was flashed back, and followed by another Rootwalla. Caless paid three mana for Fiery Temper to kill the Looter, and Canu’s Rootwalla team attacked for four damage. Quiet Speculation got Ray of Revelation, Deep Analysis and Roar of the Wurm. Phantom Centaur gave Caless a way to hold off the Rootwallas, so Canu drew some cards with Analysis. On the next turn Elephant Guide would have made Phantom Centaur huge, but Ray of Revelation was waiting in the graveyard thanks to Quiet Speculation. The Centaur still attacked, and got through for five damage. The Roar was flashed back, and another Elephant Guide went on the Centaur, which stayed back to block. The plan was now for the Lavamancer to finish the job, as it used the only two cards in Caless’ graveyard to shoot Canu and bring him down to five life points. The Centaur attacked, and was chump blocked by a Rootwalla. It didn’t matter, as Canu discarded Wonder to a Mongrel and flew over for the win.

Caless- 0 Canu- 1

Game 2

Canu mulliganed his opening hand, and Caless had a good start with two Llanowar Elves and a Grim Lavamancer in play by turn two. Wild Mongrel gave Canu a way to stop the 1/1 beats, but Caless targeted it with Threaten. In response, Canu discarded a Rootwalla into play and pumped it. Caless attacked with the stolen Mongrel along with the Lavamancer and Llanowar Elves. Rootwalla blocked the Lavamancer, and before damage Caless discarded Fiery Temper to pump the Mongrel and deal another three damage to the Rootwalla before damage (he probably should have done that before blockers to deal another point of damage). Canu attacked right back with the Mongrel, pumping it by discarding an Arrogant Wurm into play. Caless had yet another Threaten, took the Arrogant Wurm, and attacked for six to bring Canu down to eight. This left Caless with no cards in hand. Canu sent the Mongrel and Wurm into the Red Zone to bring Caless down to nine. He then played Stupefying Touch on the Lavamancer, which responded by shooting Canu for two.

A Looter came out, and traded with Llanowar Elves on Caless’ next attack, which brought Canu down to four. Wild Mongrel provided Caless with another relevant threat. Now Canu just attacked with the Wurm to bring Caless down to five. He also used another Touch on the Mongrel, and built up his defense more with Aquamoeba. The Wurm attacked to bring Caless down to one life point, and things were looking hopeless until he topdecked Fledgling Dragon. Regardless, Aether Burst cleared the way for the final point of damage.

Caless- 0 Canu- 2

Ben Caless

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Michael Canu

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