Round 4- Diego Ostrovich vs. Jose Luis Echeverria

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By Toby Wachter

Game 1

Jose played first this game, and started off with a first turn Bloodfire Dwarf. Diego then summoned a Sunscape Familiar, which blocked the attacking Dwarf on Jose's next turn. A Benalish Lancer was then played without kicker, and Diego summoned a Slingshot Goblin. Jose untapped and played Angelfire Crusader, and then attacked for two with the Lancer. Sparkcaster came into play on Diego's side of the table on the next turn, bouncing back the Dwarf.

The next turn saw the Crusader become huge with the help of Wings of Hope. Diego continued to develop the stalemate with Bloodfire Kavu. Jose then summoned Coalition Honor Guard, still not attacking with the huge flying Crusader. The Sparkcaster attacked, and Jose blocked it with the Crusader. Sparkcaster went to the graveyard, and the previously gated Bloodfire Dwarf came back out and was sacrificed to deal the lethal point of damage to the Crusader.

Even though Jose's biggest threat was out of the way, he still had board advantage. The Lancer and Honor Guard attacked for four on the following turn, and were joined by a second Honor Guard. They attacked on the next turn as well, bringing Diego down to eight life. The creatures attacked for a third time, and Diego blocked Lancer and Honor Guard with Slingshot Goblin and Bloodfire Kavu. Damage went on the stack, and the Kavu was sacrificed to kill off the Honor Guard. However, Jose was still left with an Honor Guard, but it too headed to the graveyard thanks to Magma Burst.

Jose now went about rebuilding his board position by summoning Stormscape Apprentice. Diego answered with Thornscape Familiar, but Jose had the answer as he played Fire to deal one damage to it and one damage to Diego. Still, Diego was not out of gas, as he summoned Slingshot Goblin and Ancient Kavu on the following turn. Amphibious Kavu soon joined them, and Diego finally had enough creatures to get through the Sunscape Familiar and Stormscape Apprentice. However, Jose kept Diego from getting through for damage by playing Hobble on the Ancient Kavu. He also summoned a Disciple of Kangee. Diego used his Goblin on end step to shoot down the Apprentice.

The following turn saw Jose enchant the Disciple with Squee's Embrace. It was blocked by the Ancient and Amphibious Kavus. It went to the graveyard and popped right back into Jose's hand, which allowed it to be recast immediately. At this point, Jose was running out of threats, while Diego continued to build with Kavu Climber. A Gerrard's Command later was enough to give Diego the win.

Ostrovich- 1 Echeverria- 0

Game 2

Jose went first this time, and opened with Stormscape Apprentice, It attacked, and was joined by a Samite Pilgrim. Both creatures attacked on the following turn, and Jose played a Stormscape Familiar, missing his third land drop. Diego then played a Slingshot Goblin, which would annihilate Jose's army once it became active. To make matters worse, Jose still didn't have a third land, but thanks to the Familiar, he was able to play a Benalish Lancer without kicker.

Squee's Embrace was now played on the Goblin, and it shot the Apprentice at the end of Jose's turn, forcing him to tap the Pilgrim to save it. Rather than kill the Apprentice there, Diego decided to develop his board position further, and summoned Thornscape Familiar and a second Slingshot Goblin. Meanwhile, Jose finally found a third land and played Angelfire Crusader. The game slowed down at this point, with Diego content to sit back on his Goblins and shoot down Jose's Blue creatures by timing it right to get past the Pilgrim.

The pace quickened when Diego played Squee's Embrance on his Crusader, which attacked. Gerrard's Command was then used by Diego, who blocked with two creatures. This was more than enough to kill the Crusader, which came back to Jose's hand. Diego also lost a Thornscape Familiar in the exchange. Jose now summoned Ceta Disciple, and ended his turn.

At this point, Diego put all his eggs in one basket, and played Armadillo Cloak on the Embraced Goblin, and attacked for six, gaining six life. Jose was still stuck at three lands, and was trying to keep the huge Goblin from killing him. He used Ice to tap it down, and then drew into a Mountain, which he used to kick an Orim's Thunder on the Armadillo Cloak (which did not kill the Goblin). Both Goblins attacked on the next turn, and the smaller one was killed off thanks to the Pilgrim/Lancer tag team. Diego then increased his army by summoning Thornscape Familiar, Dega Disciple and Bloodfire Kavu all in one turn.

Rampant Elephant was summoned on the following turn by Diego, which would allow his massive army to get past Jose's blockers. Jose untapped and played Ordered Migration, gaining three 1/1 fliers. Diego thought on his turn, and surprisingly did not choose to lure everyone to his Elephant and attack with everyone. The three flying 1/1s attacked on the next turn, and one was shot down by a Goblin. Diego now decided to attack with everyone, drawing Jose's creatures to his Elephant. Jose played Pollen Remedy with kicker to take less damage, and the Elephant went down to the creatures that blocked it. None of Jose's creatures died in the exchange thanks to the Pilgrim. Diego then summoned an Ancient Kavu.

Both players did very little for a few turns, with the exception of the Slingshot Goblin shooting down the two remaining 1/1 flier tokens. Diego then summoned a Thornscape Familiar. Jose played Lashknife Barrier, and summoned Stormscape Familiar, which was shot down at the end of the turn by the Goblin. Sparkcaster was played, and gated itself. It was then played a second time, and bounced itself again. The Thornscape Apprentice was used on Jose's end step to tap down the Pilgrim. Tribal Flames was played on Jose, and extra heat came his way courtesy of Sparkcaster, which was enough to win the game.

Ostrovich- 2 vs. Echeverria- 0

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