Round 4: Feature Match – Kai Budde vs. Helge Nelson

Posted in Event Coverage on August 12, 2011

By Hanno Terbuyken

Kai Budde really needs no introduction. He basically won every type of tournament in existence, most of them a couple of times. And he came well prepared and in full juggernaut mode into this tournament. He was still undefeated, coming into this round.

His opponent, Helge Nelson, on the other hand didn't even know he would play this tournament yesterday. He won a Last-Chance Qualifier and proceeded to win his first three matches as well.

Game One

Nelson won the die-roll, but had no one-drop, while Budde led with Birds of Paradise off a Copperline Gorge. Nelson had Kargan Dragonlord on turn two, Budde had Lotus Cobra, then played Misty Rainforest, Preordain, and passed the turn.

Nelson killed Lotus Cobra with Burst Lightning, summoned Goblin Guide, and attacked for the first 4 points of damage. Budde revealed Sea Gate Oracle. On his turn, he cast the 1/3 and shot Kargan Dragonlord with Forked Bolt.

Nelson retaliated with Searing Blaze. Budde went to put his Sea Gate Oracle away, but was stopped by Nelson: "No land, so 1 damage to the Birds and 1 to you." Nelson had no attacks and passed the turn.

Budde cast Birthing Pod, paying full price in mana, no life, and passed the turn. Nelson had Lightning Bolt for Sea Gate Oracle, attacked with Goblin Guide, revealing Lotus Cobra on top of Budde's library and putting him opponent at 13.

Budde summoned Lotus Cobra, played and cracked Scalding Tarn and cast Urabrask the Hidden. Lotus Cobra attacked for 2, while Urabrask stayed on defense.

Nelson, still with no third land, cast Shrine of Burning Rage and passed the turn. Budde's Birthing Pod turned Urabrask the Hidden into Inferno Titan, and when Nelson had no play, the red Giant finished him off on the next attack.

Kai Budde 1 – 0 Helge Nelson

Kai Budde

Game Two

Nelson had a one-drop this time, but Goblin Guide still eluded him. He had to settle for Grim Lavamancer instead. Budde matched his one-drop with Birds of Paradise.

Searing Blaze killed the Birds. Budde summoned more Birds of Paradise, but had no second land. Nelson sacrificed Arid Mesa, cast Shrine of Burning Rage, and killed the new Birds with his Lavamancer.

Kai still didn't have a second land, and no more Birds. Nelson played a second Grim Lavamancer. Shrine of Burning Rage went to two counters, Budde to 11. On his next turn, he attacked with one of his Lavamancers and passed the turn.

Finally, Budde drew Island and summoned the Sylvan Ranger, which had been on his opening hand, searching up Mountain. While Nelson seemed to be out of gas, except for his Shrine, Budde had more: Next up were Lotus Cobra, the aforementioned Mountain, Preordain, and Flame Slash for one of the Lavamancers.

But Shrine of Burning Rage had accumulated five counters already, and Budde was at 9. He changed that with Obstinate Baloth, but Nelson's kicked Burst Lightning at end of turn changed that right back. Also, this brought Shrine of Burning Rage to six counters. On Nelson's turn, Shrine went to seven and together with Grim Lavamancer shot Budde dead right there.

Kai Budde 1 – 1 Helge Nelson

Helge Nelson

Game Three

This time, Budde had to do without Birds of Paradise, whereas Nelson had the first turn-one Goblin Guide of the match. Budde got 2 damage and a Misty Rainforest for free. He cast Sylvan Ranger, while Nelson summoned a second Goblin Guide as well as Grim Lavamancer, beating Budde down to 13.

Budde made Lotus Cobra, used another Misty Rainforest, cast Preordain and a second Lotus Cobra. Nelson played Teetering Peaks, pumping one of his Goblin Guides, killed one Cobra with Grim Lavamancer, and attacked. Budde traded the Teetering Peaks-pumped Goblin Guide against his one remaining Lotus Cobra and took 2 (down to 10).

Budde frowned at his options, then summoned Phyrexian Metamorph to make a copy of his opponent's Goblin Guide. Staggershock killed the opposing Goblin and Nelson's own Goblin brought Budde down to 8. Obstinate Baloth made that 12. But the Staggershock rebound and a Grim Lavamancer activation killed the 4/4 body. Nelson cast another Goblin Guide and hit Budde for 4.

Budde made Sea Gate Oracle and a copy of it with Phantasmal Image. Nelson killed the latter, ensuring at least some combat damage, and that was all it took. He had enough burn to finish him off.

Kai Budde 1 – 2 Helge Nelson

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