Round 4: Feature Match – Patrick Chapin vs. Dan Jordan

Posted in Event Coverage on August 5, 2011

By Brian David-Marshall

Brian David-Marshall is a New York–based game designer who has been involved with Magic since 1994, when he started organizing tournaments and ran a Manhattan game store. Since then, he has been a judge, a player, and one of the longest-tenured columnists on, as he enters his second decade writing for the site. He is also the Pro Tour Historian and one of the commentators for the Pro Tour.

Patrick Chapin needs little in the way of introduction and, after nabbing the fourth career PT Top 8 earlier this year in Paris, could be on his way to getting introduced at Worlds as a member of the incoming Hall of Fame class. With two weeks left for ballots to be turned in, a National team berth would be a nifty bit of last minute resume padding.

He came prepared for the Standard portion of that feat with a RUG Birthing Pod deck designed by him and two-time National team member Michael Jacob. The deck eschewed the Splinter Twin  combo that has become popular in the wake of results from Australian Nationals and plays more spells and -- more importantly -- more Inferno Titans.

Dan Jordan is a relatively new player to high-level competition but has been very successful in that short span. He ground his way onto the Pro Tour last season winning a MTGO qualifier for Amsterdam, where he finished in the Top 16. On the Star City Open Series, the Albany native has racked up three victories. He came to the table with a Twin Pod list inspired by Australian National Champion Aaron Nicoll's winning list. In preparing for this event Jordan talked with Nicoll and the pair did some fine tuning for this weekend.

Game One

Ponder kicked off the action for Jordan. "I'll go to nineteen" announced Chapin as he fetched Island with Misty Rainforest and cast Ponder of his own. On the surface the two Birthing Pod lists looked very similar as Jordan cracked his own Rainforest for Lotus Cobra.

There was no third land for Chapin but he did muster a Birds of Paradise. Jordan played a land that entered the battlefield tapped and took advantage of the blue mana he made with Cobra to play Ponder. He then cast Phantasmal Image copying Cobra.

Patrick Chapin

Chapin found his land and played his own Phantasmal Image -- copying Cobra -- and then played his Land into Cunning Sparkmage to take out Jordan's original Cobra. Problem was Jordan still had the copy and a fetch land allowed him to sweep the board with Inferno Titan and Chapin was ready to move onto the second game.

Patrick Chapin - 0 Dan Jordan - 1

Game Two

Patrick shuffled his entire deck into his sideboard and began pulling out the fifteen that were going on the bench. Jordan pulled out his notes and consulted his sideboarding guide that he had prepared from the event. There were more than a few alarmed looks as Jordan consulted his script but it was quickly explained by knowing friends that it was legal to do such things under the current floor rules.

Chapin shipped back his openers for a fresh six cards that let him get started with Birds of Paradise which allowed for a turn two Sea Gate Oracle] to refresh his hand. Jordan came out of the gate more slowly with a tapped land and turn two Preordain. Deceiver Exarch on Chapin's upkeep was his first real play to tap down the Birds. Chapin played Sylvok Replica and patiently passed the turn.

Solemn Simulacrum for Forest was Jordan's play and Chapin paid two life to Phyrexian Metamorph his Sea Gate Oracle. "Two cards?" asked Jordan. He tapped out to play Urabrask the Hidden. Chapin sent a pair of Sea Gates into the red zone. Jordan put his Exarch and Simulacrum in the path of one. Inferno Titan came down and did three damage to Ubarask. Forked Bolt finished off it and the Solemn that had just taken one from the Oracle.

Jordan played Spellskite and Metamorph. He copied the Titan and took out a trio of elves and birds. Chapin sac'd his Replica and Jordan redirected the ability to his Spellskite with his last open blue mana. Jordan had three cards and Chapin had none -- he drew for his turn. Ponder found Nature's Claim for the Metamorph. Titan attacked and did 12 to Jordan who chose not to chump with his Exarch. He wanted to buy one more turn to rip a Splinter Twin off the top but it was not there and they were onto the rubber game.

Patrick Chapin - 1 Dan Jordan - 1

Dan Jordan

Game Three

Quick keeps on both sides and Jordan led off with Misty Rainforest into Ponder. it was a nearly Identical turn one from Chapin except he played Preordain. Jordan summoned a pair of Spellskites while Chapin played Birds of Paradise in between. Five points of total life change had occurred and it was entirely from fetch lands as Chapin broke the third in as many turns to power out Vengevine and rumble in for 4.

Jordan passed the turn only to flash out Deceiver Exarch to tap the Vengevine prior to attacking. Chapin played a fetch land and passed.

"Cards in hand?" asked Jordan and the answer was five. He offered up Birthing Pod. When it resolved he sacrificed his Exarch for Solemn Simulacrum and a Forest. Chapin had Nature's Claim the Birthing Pod but Jordan dipped briefly to 10 -- and then up to 14 from Claim -- as he redirected it to a Spellskite. He fell back to 10 with no blocks on Vengevine. Chapin sacrificed land number four and number five to play Inferno Titan. He announced two points on Solemn and one on Jordan.

Jordan fell to 7 as he redirected the two to the Solemn to his Spellskite and went to 5 on his turn to Pod up Urabrask. He went to 4 from a fetch land to play a hasty Inferno Titan and did three to Chapin's Titan and another three when it attacked. The game looked like it was going Jordan's way -- especially with his Spellskite still at the ready but Chapin showed him a pair of Act of Aggressions. He used the first on the Spellskite and then the second one on Urabrask to leave Jordan defenseless against his attack.

Final result: Patrick Chapin - 2 Dan Jordan - 1 

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