Round 4 Feature Match: Andrew Roystan (Street Toys, Milton, VT) vs. Mike “Chung” Ricciardi (Game Masters, Fairlawn, NJ)

Posted in Event Coverage on July 18, 2003

By Eugene Zolotuskiy

Game 1

Ricciardi went to JSS Worlds 2x and Lost to Zvi Mowshowitz in the grudge match between Your Move Games and Neutral Ground in the finals. When asked about his magic experience Roystan said “I am #1 in VERMONT baby”

Roystan had to mulligan. “I love that face,” said Roystan seeing how serious Chung was trying to figure out what Roystan’s deck was. “Guess what I am playing?” “No blocks” says Roystan after Ricciardi swings into a Grim Lavamancer with his Basking Rootwalla.

After dropping a Goblin Piledriver and a Sparksmith, Roystan passed the turn. Ricciardi continued to pound away at Roystan’s life total bringing him down to 7. Roystan swung with his Piledriver, and found a madnessed Arrogant Wurm on the other side of the board. Disgusted with his draw and the lack of lands, Roystan scooped it up.

Ricciardi 1 – Roystan 0


Ricciardi +2 Turbulent Dreams + 2 Phantom Centaurs +3 Stupefying Touch, -1 Wonder –1 Ray of Revelation –1 Krosan Reclamation –1 Merfolk Looter –1 Basking Rootwalla –2 Deep Analysis.

Roystan –3 Blistering Firecats –1 Reckless Charge, +2 Threatens +2 Violent Eruptions.

Game 2

This time around Chung was perturbed by his hand and sent it back; meanwhile Roystan was sitting with a fistful of burn cards. Roystan looked impressed and confused at the same time as Chung dropped a turn 2 Wild Mongrel, and sent the turn back to him, with only a Goblin Grappler holding down his side.

Wonder went to the graveyard, and the Mongrel is now flying, Roystan had to react quickly, so he traded a Volcanic Hammer, Shock, and his only creature for the Mongrel. Meanwhile Chung in his attempt to save the Mongrel, discarded a Forest, a City of Brass, and a Stupefying Touch.

Not being able to draw any creatures Chung looked upset, after his Merfolk Looter died to a topdecked Lava Dart, and a Raging Goblin with 2 Reckless Charges on him brought him down to 9 life points. He managed to play an Arrogant Wurm and it traded with a Goblin Sledder with a Reckless Charge on it.

Chung got a Phantom Centaur, and Roystan responded with a Goblin Piledriver. After another Volcanic Hammer to the face Chung was at a grim life total of 4 against a very aggressive Sligh deck. Faceless expression not changing for a second, Chung Careful Studied for a Roar of the Wurm, and flashed it back. Roystan had seen more than enough and conceded.

Ricciardi 2 – Roystan 0

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