Round 4 Feature Match - Jan van der Vegt vs. Roberto Taroni

Posted in Event Coverage on January 11, 2014

By Olle Rade

As the first three rounds have finished here in Prague the tension rises. The people with 3 byes have entered the tournament, and the ones with two byes and a win, like Jan van der Vegt are fighting for their fourth. Being the online personality he is, before the start of the match he asked his Bologna opponent if it was okay to film the match for a video project. "No problem," answered the Italian as he shuffled up for his first ever feature match.

The Decks

Jan van der Vegt's deck has already sparked quite some interest, winning through spectacular fashion by casting Emrakul, the Aeons Torn at the discount prize of 5 mana using Fist of Suns. Roberto's deck is green white, filled with "hate bears", focusing on shutting down his opponents resources and making their spells more expensive to cast by summoning Thalia, Guardian of Thraben. The good news for Taroni is that his deck suits up well against Jan's, the bad is that van der Vegt beat a deck just like it in the previous round.

Roberto Taroni

The Games

The match started off in a friendly fashion, with the hat wearing Italian summoning a Noble Hierarch and a Voice of Resurgence in his first two turns. Jan van der Vegt answered by Lightning Bolting the Hierarch and cast Thoughtseize, revealing another Noble Hierarch, a second Voice of Resurgence and two copies of Wilt Leaf Liege.

"Not gonna take those," joked Jan, getting a smile from his opponent as he discarded his Noble Hierarch, hoping to strand him on mana.

His own face wasn't as happy when Taroni promptly played two lands from the top of his deck the following two turns and summoned the second voice along with a Wilt Leaf Liege to quickly put Jan out of the game.

Game two however, was all van der Vegt's show. Casting Izzet Charm on his second turn, discarding the Cube all-star Griselbrand and on turn three he put it into play with Goryo's Vengeance. This allowed him to draw 14 cards and attack for seven before summoning a Sylvan Caryatid and next turn following it up with an Emrakul, the Aeons Torn, also animated by Goryo's Vengeance.

For the third game Roberto Taroni reached for his sideboard, realizing he might have underestimated Jan's deck, and added Scavenging Oozes to try and fight the reanimation strategy.

"Is your deck all colors?," asked Roberto before the start of the final game. Claiming he was familiar with the archetype, but hadn't seen the Fist of Suns one on Magic Online.

Jan van der Vegt

Jan was off to a quick start game three as well, when a Simian Spirit Guide allowed a turn one Sylvan Caryatid, somewhat nullifying Robertos Thalia, Guardian of Thraben. A second Caryatid followed, before van der Vegt cast his decks namesake card Fist of Suns, crossing his fingers looking down at theEmrakul in his hand.

Unfortunately for him, Taroni summoned a Qasali Pridemage on his turn, threatening to destroy the Fist of Suns. However, as Taroni calmly passed the turn, van der Vegt, not as calmly, slammed down another land and cast the Emrakul from his hand. Taking his extra turn, he could attack with a Creeping Tar Pit to deal lethal damage in addition to his opponent having to sacrifice six permanents.

"You should have probably blown up the Fist with that Pridemage," Jan hinted at his opponent after the game, as surprised as anyone watching.


Jan van der Vegt (NLD) beats Roberto Taroni (ITA) 2–1

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