Round 4 Feature Match: Joe Snyder (JD’s Games) vs. Chuck Conti (Collector’s Guild)

Posted in Event Coverage on July 18, 2003

By Alex Shvartsman

Conti started out with Merfolk Looter, but Snyder was quick to remove it with an Edict. He went on to put a frown on his opponent’s face by summoning Withered Wretch – an excellent card against blue-green deck heavily reliant on its use of the graveyard. Conti used a Circular Logic to counter a Shade.

With five mana in play Conti cast Careful Study putting two Roar of the Wurms in his graveyard. Because he still had priority and had four lands untapped, he could have cast one of the Roars before his opponent ever had a chance to activate the Wretch. Apparently he was not aware of this, as he initiated a new stack by casting Unsummon. In response, Snyder removed both Roars from the game, then just re-played the Wretch next turn. Demoralized and out of gas, Conti conceded the first game


Conti: +2 Gigapede, +2 Stupefying Touch, +2 Compost, +1 Naturalize, -1 Basking Rootwalla, -1 Arrogant Wurm, -1 Aquamoeba, -1 Unsummon, -1 Merfolk Looter, -1 Careful Study, -1 Deep Analysis
Snyder: -2 Duress, -1 Therapy, +1 Mutilate, +1 Visara, +1 Chainer’s Edict

Game 2

Snyder caught a Wild Mongrel with a turn one Cabal Therapy and used Smother to take out an Aquamoeba. Rotlung Reanimator blocked Basking Rootwalla for a turn, with an additional benefit of prevening Conti from casting his Roar of the Wurm that turn. Snyder then summoned a Graveborn Muse.

Drawing two extra cards per turn he was quickly able to go on the offensive. He used Smother and Chainer;s Edict to take out his opponent’s entire team and attacked for five. Conti tapped out to play Arrogant Wurm. Snyder made a questionable play of attacking with both of his creatures and then Mutilating to take out the Arrogant Wurm. His board got a lot better next turn as he summoned another Graveborn Muse and a Withered Wretch. Wretch traded in combat with Wonder, and Conti was out of gas. Snyder was still drawing multiple cards per turn and he was only down to nine life with three creatures in play, while his opponent was down to eight with nothing.

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