Round 4 Feature Match: Justin Schneider vs. Eduardo Simao Teixeira

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By Rui Oliveira

Eduardo Simao Teixeira vs. Justin Schneider

You can probably all still remember Justin, who making his comeback after a two year hiatus. Eduardo is one of Brazil's most respected players, with his huge list of achievements including great results at the Latin championships (seventh) and previous Brazilian Grand Prix (sixth).

Game 1

They kicked off at full speed with Justin's First turn Phyrexian Battleflies bringing in some early damage and ending up trading with a Phyrexian Slayer later on. Eduardo's Phyrexian Reaper got burned by a Tribal Flames.

Schneider then played a Hunting Drake while Teixeira dropped two creatures: a Phyrexian Bloodstock and a Tower Drake. Both of them were about to get blown away by a Magma Burst but the Brazilian had a timely Confound to save them.

He then played a Fact or Fiction that the American split in a split second. Justin had an ace up his sleeve: a Yawgmoth's Agenda. The game's fast pace slowed down a bit while Eduardo pondered what to do with all the mana he had and a big problem accross the table. After consulting Justin's graveyard he Recoiled the Agenda only to see it returned to play at once. The cards in Schneider's graveyard were too much for Eduardo to handle so he quickly conceded amidst claims from Justin that Teixeira's deck was "insane".

Justin 1 - 0 Eduardo

Game 2

Eduardo Simao Teixeira

Justin took the time to compliment Eduardo's play during the first game and after talking a bit was impressed with Eduardo's previous results. They traded good luck wishes and where off to the second game, with Schneider taking a mulligan.

Justin keeped a no-land hand after the mulligan and was forced to discard, further coerced by Teixeira's Bog Down. He finally got two lands and used a Mourning to slow down the incoming massive bleeding. A Cavern Harpy bounced the enchanted creature to get rid of the Mourning while a Kavu Agressor attacked at full speed to keep the pressure.

After his late start Justin's removal kicked in and he tried to fight the flood of creatures coming from the Brazilian's side. After a little mistake with a Crosis's Charm (killing a black creature that was corrected to a simple bounce) and dropping a Metathran Zombie Schneider was forced to face his predictable fate. He conceded when he saw that Eduardo had more threats than he could handle.

So far it had been a very fast and furious match. They both played at a lightning speed that made reporting very hard and yet the game extremely pleasant to watch.

Justin 1 - 1 Eduardo

Game 3

Eduardo Simao Teixeira

This time it was Justin's turn to come out smoking with a Metathran Zombie and a Tidal Visionary doing some early damage while Teixeira tried to set up a defense. His first attempt, a Urborg Shambler, got Zapped out of the table after blocking. A Hooded Kavu finally stopped the 1/1 duo and then Teixeira tried to play a Terminate with a Blue and a Red mana. After some confusion Eduardo ended up burning for two and keeping the Terminate in his hand.

Justin played a Hunting Drake getting the Kavu out of the way for a turn. Eduardo chose not to recast it, preferring to make a Phyrexian Slayer. The American was not about to be slowed down by any creature: he turned the Black flyer to Blue and killed it with a Stormscape Battlemage.

With his back against the proverbial wall Eduardo Recoiled the Drake only to face a larger threat: a kicked Vodalian Serpent. The Brazilian had no answer for that and conceded.

Final result: Schneider defeats Teixeira 2-1

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