Round 4 Feature Match: Kai Budde vs. Daniel Brickwell

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By Mark Wraith

Both of these players were 3-0 going into this round, although Daniel only had two byes and had already won a match.

Much as I would like to tell you about the pre-duel chat, my German is not good enough to translate their quick-fire chatter.

Game 1

Kai, who played second, had a hand full of great spells, but only two land to cast them with. He rapidly drew a third land, though, and despite Daniel playing a Forest, Mountain, then a Plains, he was unable to play a spell before his fourth turn.

He played an Aurora Griffin, which was removed by a Scorching Lava, and then a Kavu Climber on his fifth turn. Budde had removal for it, but cast instead a Probe. This gave him terrific spells, including Plague Spores, Recoil, Soul Burn, and Magma Burst in his hand.

Naturally Daniel was able to take advantage of Kai not having played or removed a creature on that turn, attacking for three damage and playing a Prison Barricade with kicker. Kai had discarded two lands to his Probe, obviously hoping to draw another before long and cast his Plague Spores, but he didn't and only summoned a Sea Snidd.

Daniel played Steel Leaf Paladin, but strangely decided to bounce his Prison Barricade instead of his Kavu, which would have enabled him to draw an extra card. Budde went down to eleven as he chose to attack with his Sea Snidd instead of holding it back to block. He killed the Paladin with a Plague Spores, and summoned a Slimy Kavu, immediately returning it to his hand to cast a Lava Zombie.

He still did not block the Kavu Climber on Brickwell's next attack, and went down to eight life, obviously waiting till he had active Recoil mana before blocking. Daniel summoned a Llanowar Knight and a Mirrorwood Treefolk, which forced Kai's hand a little, and he used his Magma Burst to take out both the Kavu Climber and the Llanowar Knight.

Now Budde decided to start going on the offensive, attacking with his Lava Zombie to bring Daniel to 13, and playing a Slimy Kavu. Daniel of course attacked again on his next turn, and Kai chose to double-block the Prison Barricade. Daniel did not have a combat trick, unfortunately for him, only a Root Greevil which he cast after combat.

Now it looked like Kai was in control, as he had not yet used Recoil, and Sea Snidd was big enough to block the creatures that Daniel had in play. The Zombie attacked again, and brought Daniel to 8.

Daniel did not have another creature, and Kai Recoiled the Mirrorwood Treefolk at the end of his turn, allowing himself to sneak through enough damage to take the first game.

Game 2

Daniel decides to go second in the second game, and once again Kai had only two lands. It was a little more risky since he was going first this time, but he drew a third land quickly. However, it was a Dromar's Cavern, and it's drawback enabled Daniel to get the lead in terms of mana in play.

Kai played a Cinder Shade, whereas Brickwell cast an Amphibious Kavu that was immediately Scorching Lavaed. Perhaps Kai regretted casting this Scorching Lava as Daniel's next turn was a Llanowar Knight.

Budde played a Slimy Kavu, while Daniel played an Aurora Griffin, neither player attacking. On Kai's next turn he had the opportunity to cast Magma Burst, but decided to bring out a Lava Zombie instead, returning the Cinder Shade. Daniel attacked with his Griffin and played a Mirrorwood Treefolk, while Kai could just replay his Shade.

Daniel weakened Budde's Magma Burst slightly by casting Spirit Weaver, which would now allow, his Llanowar Knight to survive by increasing it's toughness to four. Kai exclaimed "Good topdeck", as he drew and cast Probe with kicker, making Daniel discard his entire hand.

Despite the Llanowar Knight, Griffin, Treefolk, and Spirit Weaver facing him, Kai appeared to be in good shape as he had Magma Burst, Do or Die, and Recoil still waiting in his hand. Do or Die was indeed played next turn after Daniel had played another Aurora Griffin, and giving him the opportunity to keep either two Aurora Griffins and a Spirit Weaver, or a Llanowar Knight and a Treefolk. He opted to keep the Treefolk and pro-black creature, and the Treefolk were Recoiled as well.

All of a sudden Daniel was in an impossible seeming position, with only a Llanowar Knight for company. Kai attacked with his Lava Zombie, Slimy Kavu, and Cinder Shade, which brought Daniel down to ten. Brickwell could not find a creature in the next two turns either, and was forced to concede to the beats.

Final Result: Kai Budde defeats Daniel Brickwell 2 - 0

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