Round 4 Feature Match: Karolina Andersson (Sweden) vs. Svend Geertsen (Denmark)

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By Kim Eikefet

Svend Geertsen

In the fourth round of 2001 Grand Prix Gothenburg, the local player Karolina Andersson were undefeated through the first three rounds. She faced a rather well-known name in the Pro Tour circuit, Svend Geertsen from Denmark. Karolina had gone with red, blue and black, while Svend, who is known as a green lover, had chosen green, white and blue with a touch of red.

Game 1

Svend won the die roll and chose to let Karolina play first. She kept a hand that consisted of two lands and a couple of good spells, including a Probe and a Stormscape Familiar. Then she played her two lands and the Familiar. Svend's hand was very land-heavy, but he had a few good creatures. So he chose to keep, and played a turn three Pincer Spider without kicker.

Unfortunately, Karolina failed to draw a third land, and so she did nothing but attacking with her Familiar during turn three, four and five. Svend, on the other hand, got out a Rooting Kavu, and an Amphibious Kavu, and when Karolina finally drew a land and cast Marsh Crocodile, he had a Repulse for it. Svend then attacked to take Karolina down to four, summoned a Crimson Acolyte, and she scooped.

Andersson 0 - Geertsen 1

Karolina Andersson vs. Svend Geertsen

Game 2

"Sorry, unfair," Svend said after the first game was over and the two players started sideboarding and shuffling up for the second game. Karolina chose to play, and this time her draw was better - she had three lands at least. This time it was Svend's turn to keep a two-land hand. His opening draw had a Pincer Spider, a Repulse and a Sliver Drake as well as an Amphibious Kavu and an Armadillo Cloak.

Karolina played three lands, and then she got out a Slingshot Goblin. Svend dropped a turn two Quirion Explorer, and then a turn three Amphibious Kavu. The Swede had answers though. She Zapped the Quirion Explorer, and when Svend played another Amphibious Kavu, she used a Rushing River to bounce both of them back to his hand.

This time though, her problem was that she just drew too much land. In the start, she managed to stay in the game by using the resources already in her hand. Karolina played an Urborg Emissary with kicker to bounce Svend's Samite Archer. She then made a mistake by forgetting about the Amphibious Kavu's self-pumping ability, however, she saved her attacking Emissary by using another Rushing River and then she bounced the Samite Archer once again. Both players missed her paying too much for it because of the Familiar, but it was pointed out to one of the judges, and Karolina got a warning for misrepresentation.

Karolina Andersson

After that, the game got a little messy. Karolina made some mistakes, and Svend made some mistakes - he tried to cast his Samite Archer without tapping blue mana, and so he had to play a Pincer Spider instead. That didn't alter the outcome of the match though. Karolina's lands caught up with her, and holding three lands in hand, she could do nothing but watch Svend add creature after creature to his army. She Agonizing Demised a Rooting Kavu, but that was not enough and she scooped.

Final Result: Karolina Andersson 0 - Svend Geertsen 2

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