Round 4 Feature Match: Michael Doecke vs John Denz

Posted in Event Coverage on December 16, 2015

By Wizards of the Coast

By Liam Coltman

Having flown all the way over from New Zealand with 2 byes, Denz decided to stay up till 6 in the morning obtaining another bye, by winning the Trial held last night. Doecke on the other hand, has the highest Standard rating in Australia and easily obtained his byes via the ratings system. After winning the die roll, Denz decided to play first in the mirror matchup.

Game 1

After contemplating for a long time, Denz decided to keep what could prove to be a dangerous hand, with his only land being Underground River. However, his hand contained 3 Duress, which he seemed to think was a fair trade off, and as the game developed it showed just how right he was. His turn 1 Duress revealed Doecke's hand of Mox, Necro, Vampiric Tutor, Underground Sea, Badlands, Swamp and Force of Will, and he chose to take the Tutor. Doecke replied with Mox Diamond, pitching the Swamp and a Badlands, then ended his turn. Denz drew and played a Swamp and cast Duress again, taking the Necro from Doecke but alerting him to the danger of the Pyroblast that he had just drawn. On his turn, Doecke played the Underground Sea, and Duressed Denz, who decided his best option was to Vampiric Tutor in response. When Doecke saw the hand Duress, Pyroblast, Illusions of Grandeur he knew he was in major trouble. All that was left for Denz to do was to untap, draw the Necro he had placed on his library and draw enough to go into the combo next turn. Doecke played to 6 land in an attempt to hard cast a Force and back it up with a Pyro, but when Denz used his fourth Duress to remove the Pyro, he cast his Illusions, Misdirected the Force of Will and Doecke conceded.

Game 2

The two spent a long time thinking about exactly how they were going to play the mirror with sideboards, as they didn't know whether they wanted to put in their Negators or not. When the game started, Denz managed to steal the turn advantage with a turn 1 Mox Diamond. On turn 3 when he cast his Necro, Doecke was helpless, as he had no way to counter it allowing Denz to draw 11 cards. Doecke then Vampiric Tutored for Necro at the end of Denz's turn, cast it, and Necroed for 11. When Denz played a Swamp and cast a Negator on his turn, Doecke was in real trouble. The untapped Mox Diamond gave him the red mana he'd need to Pyro if Doecke tried to play an Illusions or a Force of Will and the Necro gave him the Forces or Misdirects that he'd need for a counter war. Doecke had no choice during his turn but to attempt to go off and when his Illusions was Pyrod in response to it hitting play his 2 Force of Wills was no match for Denz's 2 Misdirections.

Denz defeated Doecke 2-0

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