Round 4 Feature Match: Wolfgang Eder vs. Kai Budde

Posted in Event Coverage on September 2, 2015

By by Kim Eikefet

In the first round of the second draft, the German Juggernaut Kai Budde faced Wolfgang Eder. While no one can match Budde accomplishment-wise, Eder was on the German national team last year, and he also has a top 8 finish from a Grand Prix event. The match would see Budde's "I've got three Armadillo Cloaks" deck facing off against Eder's black, green and red spells.

Game 1

Budde won the die roll and chose to play. He kept his opening hand and got out a turn one Sunscape Apprentice. But Eder didn't want it there, and used a Singe to kill it. The two players then played lands for a while before Eder got out one of his Slingshot Goblins. Budde had a slow draw, and failed to play a creature during turn four as well. Meanwhile, Eder played yet another Slingshot Goblin.

Finally, Budde played a turn five Kavu Climber that effectively stopped the two Goblins. Eder, shaking his head, played a Stone Kavu and passed priority. During his turn, Budde pondered for a while, then he Cloaked up his Kavu Climber and attacked for five. He also had one white and one green mana open, and Eder looked quite unsure of what to do about the huge Climber. Eventually, he chose to triple-block it, but Kai had a Gaea's Might and they all died - but so did the Climber.

Eder then played a Goham Djinn. Kai couldn't do anything, so he had to pass priority and let his opponent attack with the Djinn AND with a Serpentine Kavu that came into play and got haste. Budde then played a Sunscape Battlemage without the kicker, and a Samite Pilgrim. Still, the two creatures looked rather small compared to a 5/5 Djinn and a 4/4 Kavu.

Eder's two creatures hit Budde down to nine life. Then, they were joined by a Phyrexian Reaper. But Budde had drawn another Armadillo Cloak, and he Cloaked up his Battlemage and served for four, getting some all-important life before being attacked by three creatures. He blocked the Reaper with the Pilgrim, Waxing it and preventing two damage to it to save it from dying. Meanwhile the Reaper went to Eder's graveyard. Eder then played a Kavu Recluse.

Budde had drawn one of his Benalish Trappers, and he cast it during the following turn. He mumbled something about Demise, but at this point, Eder held two lands in his hand, having only the cards on the table to work with. Facing a Cloaked Battlemage and a Samite Pilgrim, his creatures chose to stay at home and so Budde got an active Trapper. Eder then drew a Cinder Shade, which he cast. He declared an attack phase, but when the Goham Djinn was tapped down, he chose to end his turn.

Kai didn't look too pleased when he had to end his turn without doing anything. During his end of turn step, Eder sacrificed a Terminal Moraine to get a land from his deck into play. He then drew a Marauding Knight - a fairly good card as Budde only had white creatures in addition to four plains. But first, he wanted to get rid of the Battlemage, and he pumped the Cinder Shade and sacrificed it to kill it. He attacked for seven, bringing Budde down to two. Unable to deal with the creatures on the table, Budde scooped.

Eder 1 - Budde 0

Game 2

Budde had to mulligan away his first hand. He then kept his second hand and played a forest. Eder kept his hand as well. Budde got out the first creature, a turn two Sunscape Apprentice that started attacking. Then, Budde played a Nomadic Elf while Eder got out one of his Slingshot Goblins yet again.

Budde played an island during his third turn, attacked with his Elf and pumped it to deal three damage to Eder. Eder attacked back with his Goblin, and then he played a Voracious Cobra. Budde couldn't answer, and so he played a Quirion Elves calling blue. He then passed priority.

Eder didn't see any reasons not to attack with his Cobra, so he sent it over to deal two damage to Budde. He then played a Stone Kavu. Budde answered by summoning a Glimmering Angel before Eder attacked with his Cobra and the Stone Kavu. Kai blocked the Kavu with his Nomadic Elf and used the Sunscape Apprentice to pump it so that both creatures died. Eder had more creatures though, and a Duskwalker with kicker came into play.

Finally, it was Armadillo Cloak time for Budde. The Glimmering Angel got boosted, and it attacked for four, getting its owner some life. Eder had to go for offensive tactics and attacked with his three creatures, trading the Goblin for the Apprentice. He then played Smoldering Tar.

Still, Eder had no immediate way of dealing with a huge, untargetable Angel. He attacked with his Duskwalker and played a Cinder Shade, but the Angel's next attack took him down to four life. In a last attempt to survive, he used the Cinder Shade to kill the Quirion Elf to deprive Budde of a second blue mana source. He then sacrificed the Smoldering Tar to deal four damage to the Angel, but Budde had a Gaea's Might and pumped it, destroying Eder's plan: To Agonizing Demise it in response to Budde making it untargetable. Seeing he had no way to win, Eder scooped.

Eder 1 - Budde 1

Game 3

The two players chatted friendly while shuffling for game three, talking about elves and damage and a lot of things that only German-speaking people would understand. Eder then chose to draw. Both players kept their opening hands, but Budde seemed to get the better start, he played a turn two Nomadic Elf and started attacking. Then, he played a Benalish Trapper before Eder could get out a Kavu Recluse.

However, Budde failed to draw a fourth land. Fortunately, he had a Quirion Elves and he cast it, calling white. At this point, Eder held a Pouncing Kavu, a Terminate, a Marauding Knight, a Phyrexian Battleflies, a Smoldering Tar, a Forest and a Darigaaz's Caldera, and he chose to play the Caldera and then the Smoldering Tar, killing the Quirion Elves.

Budde drew another forest, and thanks to the Nomadic Elf he could cast a Sunscape Apprentice before the Voracious Cobra was back. Budde used the two remaining forests to tap the Cobra with his Trapper before his turn. He then attacked with the Elf, bringing Eder down to 16.

Eder then summoned his Pouncing Kavu and declared an attack. Budde chose to tap down the Pouncing Kavu. Eder then attacked with his Kavu Recluse before ending his turn. Shaking his head, Budde still couldn't draw a plains. He spent three mana though to cast a Crimson Acolyte, a pretty effective creatures against Eder's red critters - it would have been even more effective though if he could only draw white mana.

Eventually, Eder got tired of Budde's annoying Nomadic Elf, and he Terminated it to deprive Budde of multiple colours of mana. He then attacked with his Cobra and the Pouncing Kavu, forgetting about the Acolyte and the Sunscape Apprentice. And so the Acolyte got big and the Cobra died. But the Marauding Knight that hit the table still looked fairly good against three white creatures that was Budde's army.

The Knight started attacking and Eder also got out a Phyrexian Battleflies and a Slingshot Goblin. Budde could do nothing but just ending his turn, and both players were laughing and shaking their heads while Eder's Knight and Battleflies started beating Budde down. Then a Pincer Spider stopped the fun.

Eder drew a Soul Burn, and, looking a little frustrated, he then made an alpha strike, sending all his creatures over for an attack. Budde, at nine life, had to think for a while. He placed the Apprentice and the Trapper in front of the Recluse, the Acolyte in front of the Pouncing Kavu and the Pincer Spider in front of the Marauding Knight, thought some more and then he decided to do it that way. None of the players had any effects, and so Budde went down to seven before Eder played a Phyrexian Reaper.

Finally Budde drew another land, not a plains though but an island. The island gave him enough mana to cast a Kavu Climber, and Eder looked even more frustrated. He chose to send his Reaper over for an attack, and being low on life, Budde chose to chump with his Trapper. THEN he drew a plains.

With white mana available, summoned a Shimmering Angel, keeping his island untapped. Eder played a Serpentine Kavu and gave it haste. Then he attacked with everything; the Reaper, the Slingshot Goblin, the Pouncing Kavu, the Phyrexian Battleflies and the Serpentine Kavu.

Counting Eder's Soul Burn mana, Kai tried to figure out how to block. Eventually, he chose to block the Reaper with the Angel, the Goblin with the Climber, the Pouncing Kavu with the Acolyte and the Battleflies with the Spider, letting through the Serpentine Kavu. He then went down to three life. But of course he had a Cloak, and the flying, Cloaked-up Angel brought him back to seven. Left with only a Serpentine Kavu and a Pouncing Kavu, things suddenly looked much worse for Eder, who still held the Soul Burn in his hand.

After thinking for a while, Eder chose to end his turn without doing anything. Another Cloak on the Angel sent Budde up to thirteen while Eder looked fairly flustered. Down to six life, he shook his head, Soul Burned the Kavu Climber, but Kai responded by playing Fleetfoot Panther, returning the Climber to his hand. Then the game was over.

Final Result: Eder 1 - Budde 2

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